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Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
Alistair Ogilvy
Charlie Allan
The Angus Cronies
Barbara Dymock
Judy Barker
Sylvia Barnes
Jack Beck
Margaret Bennett
Ian F Benzie
Bill Hill
Eric Bogle
Gill Bowman
Ronnie Browne
Bruce Mainland
Ian Bruce
Mary Kathleen Burke
Steve Byrne
Aileen Carr
Claire Hastings
Coreen Scott
The Corries
Tony Cuffe
Dave Swarbrick
Davie Stewart (Singer)
Barbara Dickson
Cara Dillon
Ivan Drever
Kris Drever
Drinkers Drouth
Jock Duncan
George Elrick
Ewan McLennan
Face the West
The Fife Yokels
Archie Fisher
Fraser & Ian Bruce
The Gaugers
Dick Gaughan
George Easton
Anne Lorne Gillies
Gordon Easton
Annie Grace
Robin Hall
Heather Heywood
Alex Hodgson
Alistair Hulett
Fiona Hunter
Jim Hunter
Jimmy Hutchison
Ian Bruce and Ian Walker
Heather Innes
Bert Jansch
Maureen Jelks
Jim & Susie Malcolm
Joe Aitken
Arthur Johnstone
Joy Dunlop & Twelfth Day
Kaela Rowan
Katherine Campbell
Willie Kemp
Norman Kennedy
Ross Kennedy
Christine Kydd
Danny Kyle
Robin Laing
Manus Lunny
Jimmy MacBeath
Ewan MacColl
John MacDonald
Jimmy MacGregor
Rhona MacKay
Kevin MacKenzie
Dougie MacLean
Maeve Mackinnon (Glasgow )
Mairi Orr
Jim Malcolm
McCalmans (The)
The McCalmans
Duncan McCrone
Gordeanna McCulloch
Alastair McDonald
Shelagh McDonald
Matt McGinn
Mae McKenna
Tony McManus
Alison McMorland
Adam McNaughtan
Brian McNeill
John Mearns
Ed Miller
Siobhan Miller
Ellen Mitchell
Sam Monaghan
Lynn Morrison
John Munro
Peter Nardini
Nick Keir
Norrie McGregor
North Sea Gas
Rod Paterson
Pernille Quigg
Jo Philby
Karine Polwart
Stephen Quigg
Rachel Newton
Rankin File
Iain Rankin
Ray Fisher
Eddi Reader
Real Time
Jean Redpath
Alan Reid & Rob van Sante
Jim Reid
Tam Reid
Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
Billy Ross
Janet Russell
Jim Russell
Willie Scott
Andy Shanks
Peter Shepheard
Shepheard, Spiers & Watson
Shiela Stewart
Emily Smith
Sophie Ramsay
Tom Spiers
Isla St Clair
Stairheid Gossip
Robyn Stapleton
Davy Steele
Stephen & Pernille Quigg
Davie Stewart (Singer )
Andy M. Stewart
Belle Stewart
Davie Stewart
Sheila Stewart
The Stewarts of Blair
John Strachan
Jane Turriff
Twa Folk
Various Artists
Various Artists - Folk
Various Artists - Folk Song
Various Artists - Scottish Folk
Arthur Watson
Lori Watson
Irene Watt
Wendy Weatherby
Sheena Wellington
Gary West
Mick West
Mike Whellans
Roisin White
John Wright



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