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Ian Bruce


Couthy Comments (Courtesy of the Artist�s site, 2005).

Ian is a big man with a big voice to match. His reputation is deservedly growing fast on both sides of the Atlantic and all goes predictably well for one who is amongst Britain's most talented singer / songwriters.
Ian agreed to come to our studios and record for a couple of weeks. Our original intention was a sparse production with the odd harmony vocal and second instrument to punctuate what would be, after all, a very long CD. (It turned out to be 74.01 Minutes)
Such were Ian's 'live' performances that any overdubs would have been intrusive. We agreed to let it stand in its solo and unsynthesised brilliance.
Ian has an awesome voice which had the digits running for cover but "The Naked Truth vol 1" is the album I, and probably you, have been waiting for.
Ian McCalman (The McCalmans and Kevock Digital Studios, Lasswade)

Nearly two years ago I was confronted with what has become, for me, a perennial challenge; ferreting-out yet another gifted singer to inject new life into my Burns series (The Complete Songs of Robert Burns). The critics eagerly awaited a worthy successor to the likes of Rod Paterson, and the others, featured on Vol. 1; and, when I put forward Ian Bruce, they were perhaps surprised but certainly not disappointed.
I say 'surprised' because Ian (of 'Child on The Green', 'Too Far From She', etc., fame) is better known as a contemporary singer / songwriter than as a traditional singer. The mair's the pity. For he is undoubtedly both, par excellence.
And always Ian's powerful but sensitive voice and perceptive delivery (often through an expressive shift of tempo or articulation) will underline the character and expression of the song.
Dr. Fred Freeman (Doctor of Literature)

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