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Complete Songs of Robert Burns - Vol.8

Various Artists - Robert Burns

Linn Records

Released: 1999
Catalogue Number: CKD143
Barcode: 691062601436
Running Time: 74 mins.

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You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks on this album using the player below.

Is this important series getting better as the songs get a wee bit more obscure?

1) Ken Yo Ought o' Captain Grose
2) Wha Will Buy My Troggin
3) Galloway Tam
4) Behold My Love
5) Weary Fa' You, Duncan Gray
6) Wandering Willie
7) Ithers Seek
8) O, Cam Ye Here the Fight To Shun?
9) Extempore - St.Stephen's House
10) Mary Queen of Scots Lament
11) The Groves of Sweet Myrtle
12) O Poortith Cauld - My Eppie Adair
13) O Dear Minny - There's News Lasses
14) Wae Is My Heart - The Banks of the Devon
15) Fairest Maid - As Late By A Sodger
16) Green Grow the Rashes, O
17) Twas Na Her Bonie Blue E'e - Cauld Is the E'enin Blast
18) The Auld Man's Winter Thought
19) I Do Confess
20) The Sun Is Sunk
21) Blythe Hae I Been - I'll Ay Ca' In By Yon Town
22) Ae Fond Kiss
23) What Merriment Has Taen the Whigs
24) Nanie's Awa
25) I Coft A Stane o' Haslock Woo - My Sandie O
Is this important series getting better as the songs get a wee bit more obscure?


Ian Anderson - Vocals Guitar & Banjo
Ian Bruce - Vocals & Guitar
Mairi Campbell - Vocals
George Duff - Vocals & Guitar
Bobby Eaglesham - Vocals & Guitar
Ross Kennedy - Vocals & Guitar
John Moran - Vocals, Guitar & Mandolin
Mae McKenna - Vocals
Karine Polwart - Vocals & Guitar with Gill Bowman
Musicians are:Sandy Brechin; Shaun Craig; Marc Duff; Fraser Fifield; Phamie Gow; Billy Jackson; Aaron Jones; Stevie Lawrence; Ian Lowthian; Gavin Marwick; Tony McManus and Gavin Pennycook



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