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Sinsheen n sɪnʃi:n (Scots) sunshine; (fig) brightness, cheerfulness
Two great voices in harmony

Sinsheen is Christine Kydd and Barbara Dymock. Each a fine singer in her own right, together they have built a reputation among roots music lovers for originality, virtuosity, rich harmonies and the livest of live performances.

Combining power, passion and pedigree, these dynamic veterans of the Scottish music world contrast stark harmony vocals with light instrumental and percussive backing. Together they explore and innovate, gracefully twisting the tradition and colluding with the contemporary.

Barbara and Christine were both singers and performers from their early teens, originally meeting in Dundee in the 80’s, then briefly singing together in the all-female a cappella group “Fair Game”. Barbara was then the lead singer with the highly respected band Ceolbeg, and had already emerged as one of the leading exponents of Scottish ballad and song. Christine was about to embark on singing adventures, playing and touring with a number of harmony combinations including a successful duo with Janet Russell, and latterly with Chantan (Elspeth Cowie and Corrina Hewat).

On Christine’s recent return to the North East the two met again to enjoy each other’s company and songs. Barbara, currently, singing with folk divas Palaver and occasionally with tradition-bearer Maureen Jelks, is a bit of a musical “hing-oot” and enjoys singing with anyone who asks really. Christine (equally generous with her musical favours) sings with a variety of weel-kent musos, including the fine traditional band Calluna.

It is hard to tell whether being women, or living/working in rural Angus has impacted on the music more, but what is clear is that Sinsheen transforms the music from a regional genre into a truly international musical language.

The songs of Sinsheen are a voice for the irreverent everywhere, with a brash sense of humour, but a healthy respect for the roots of traditional Scottish music. Songs vary from self-penned via trad to the odd genre-swapping version of a dyed-in-the-wool Scottish favourite. Expect fun and seriousness in equal measure, a performance extraordinarily varied and rich, songs about work, struggle, love, getting the bairn tae sleep, politics, the blues, and dreams.


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