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Drinkers Drouth


From the CD Booklet " A Tribute "

After a number of years playing in different line-ups Jack Aitken, Dave Black, Tony and Brian Dougan emerged as Drikers Drouth in 1974, broughttogether by a love of harmony singing and a liking for both traditional and caontemorary folk music. Througout the 1970s the band played regularly in Folk Clubs and appeared on radio at leading Scottish festivals. In 1981 our paths crossed with Dvy Steele when we appeared on the same bill at a gig where we got talking, shared a few beers and found ourselves on the same wavelength - Davy soon became the fifth member of the band.

Thus began a very fruitful five-year period in which we broadened our horizons and enlarged our livers as we released a couple of albums and gigged extensively both at home and throughout Europe.
Apart from his distinctive voice Davy brought a huge sense of fun and enjoyment to the band both on and off stage. He had a wealth of traditional material to draw on as well as his own compositions such as " Wha'll Dreg a Buckie-o " and " Heave Ya Ho " about his beloved native Prestonpans.

Davy received wide acclaim for demonstrating the ability to deliver a huge range of songs from the sensitive " Dream Angus " to the lusty " Let Me In This Ae Nicht ". Davy was always " up for it " at Festivals showing boundless energy and making friends wherever we went. The band's enthusiastic following was in no small measure due to Davy's charisma.
In 1986 we were basically faced with the choice of going professional or packing in as we were struggling to honour touring commitments while still semi-pro. The Drouth reluctantly came to an end but Davy realised his life-long ambition of becoming a professional musician through playing in a series of successful bands such as Ceolbeg, Clan Alba and , ultimately, Battlefield Band.
He remained a well loved close friend of the Drouth throughout and is greatly missed by all of us.

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