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The Saturday Dance Vol.4

Various Artists - Country Dance

Legacy Recording

Released: 2005
Catalogue Number: LEGACY35CD
Barcode: 5065000026998
Running Time: 59 mins.

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1Jim MacLeod Scottish Dance Band (SDB)Bonnie Anne: The Glendaruel Highlanders1:45. £0.79
2Tayside SDBDuchess Tree Waltz Original - The Herding Song - The Dovecot2:41. £0.79
3Jim Cameron SDBIsle of Skye: Original - Jessie's Hornpipe - Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff2:51. £0.79
4Jimmy Blair SDBRoyal Scots Polka2:23. £0.79
5Jimmy Shand SDBDashing White Sergeant: Original - My Love She's But A Lassie Yet - The Rose Tree3:20. £0.79
6Bobby MacLeod SDBKeppoch's Rant Strathspey: Original - Glen Grant - John Robertson3:57. £0.79
7Peter White SDBTillietudlum: Cushion Dance - Portree Bay - P/M David Kay4:22. £0.79
8James Cameron's West Highland BandJames Cameron's West Highland Band - Gay Gordons: MacNeil of Ugadale - Lord MacPherson of Drumochter2:27. £0.79
9Ian Powrie SDBHighland Bard Dance: John Carmichael's Farewell to Scotland1:49. £0.79
10Bill Hendry SDBHighland Schottische: Calum Beag - Bert's Highland Polka2:39. £0.79
11Jim & Nichol MacKayScottish Waltz: The Dark Island - Eilidh - Cailin Mo Ruinsa - Chi Min Toman3:36. £0.79
12Bob Lillie SDBBoston Two Step: Jim Anderson's Delight - McKenzie of Torridon - Jig o' Slurs - Paddy's Leather Breeches3:59. £0.79
13Rob Gordon SDBAngus MacLeod's Reel: Wha Saw the Forty Twa - Bratach Bana2:18. £0.79
14The Glendale SDBWoodland Flowers Polka1:53. £0.79
15Peter Davidson's Inverness SDBThe Lerwick Two Step: Ronald Cooper - Jim Anderson's Delight3:36. £0.79
16Robert Whitehead & the DanelawNorthumberland Reel: Keep Your Feeet Still Geordie Hinney - Lambton Worm - Heh Ye Seen Wor Jimmy - Foggy Dew - Leaving of Liverpool - Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin4:29. £0.79
17Colin Campbell & his Highland BandDunoon Barn Dance: P/M Ross's Farewell to The Black Watch - Lorna Campbell of Feorlon3:29. £0.79
18John MacGregor SDBThe Fireside Reel: John Spence - Dancing the Baby - Sword of Columcelle2:24. £0.79
19Ian Holmes SDBThe Hebridean Polka1:42. £0.79
20Jimmy Blue SDBLa Russe: Original - The Down Express - The Lass o' Gowrie3:15. £0.79

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Big chord and off we go with 'The Glendaruel Highlanders from Jim MacLeod and his band from 1965.
20 tracks, 20 different bands, from the 1940s to the 1970s so there should be little cause for complaint unless, of course, it's 'lack o' puff' or 'sair feet' from dancing.


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