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Dancing Memories Vol.2

Various Artists - Country Dance

Legacy Recording

Released: 2005
Catalogue Number: LEGACY32CD
Barcode: 5065000026950
Running Time: 54mins.

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1Jimmy Blue Scottish Dance Band (SDB)Hamilton House: Original - Family Pride - Malcolm Ross3:27. £0.79
2Peter White's SDBHornpipes: The College Hornpipe - Jolly Tars - The Wonder Hornpipe - Star Hornpipe3:17. £0.79
3Will StarrThe Swiss Polka2:31. £0.79
4Tim Wright SDBTriumph Reel: Original - The Old Bog Hole2:55. £0.79
5Bobby MacLeod SDBThe Foursome Reel: Devil In the Kitchen - Maggie Cameron - Reel of Tulloch2:26. £0.79
6Ian Powrie's SDBScottish Reform: Original - Coldside Jig - A.M.Shinnie2:46. £0.79
7Jim Cameron's SDBStrip the Willow: Original - Birsay Beach - Miss Charlotte Bruce - Miss Rough of Longbank2:53. £0.79
8Bobby Crowe SDBGaelic Waltz: 4 Airs2:43. £0.79
9Bill Douglas SDBGay Gordons: Johnnie Lad - Duncan Gray - Lass o' Levendale - Will Ye No' Come Back Again?2:25. £0.79
10Adam Rennie's SDBCadgers In the Cannongate: John McNeil's Reel - J.B.Milne - Kenmay House3:26. £0.79
11Rob Gordon's SDBMiss Alison Rose Strathspey: Rose Among the Heather - Cathkin Braes - Firth of Forth4:15. £0.79
12Pibroch McKenzie Jigs: Patrick Og - Paddy's Leather Breaches - Jig of Slurs2:48. £0.79
13Strathearn SDBHighland Schottische: The Balmoral Highlanders - The Moulin Dhu3:35. £0.79
14Jimmy Blair SDBThe Primrose Polka2:25. £0.79
15Arthur SpinkCol. MacLean of Ardgour3:06. £0.79
16Colin Campbell SDBOban Two Step: Seamus MacNeill - Alasdair Gillies2:25. £0.79
17Alasdair Downie SDBBarn Dance: Sprig of Ivy - Jim McAby's Welcome3:38. £0.79
18Jimmy Shand SDBThe Gordon Waltz: O' My Jock Mackay - A Gordon For Me - The Lass o' Lowrie3:00. £0.79

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Another 18 tracks featuring 48 tunes from 'the Golden Era of Scottish Country Dance Music'.
Will you need 'Slippereen' for the floor?


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