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Scotland The Dances And Bands

Various Artists - Country Dance

Lismor Recordings

Released: 1987
Catalogue Number: LCOM9003
Barcode: 5014818900327
Running Time: 65 mins.

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1Ian HolmesEightsome Reel: The De'il Amang The Tailors/Raechel Rae/Angus Campbell/Soldier's Joy/The Drummer/Mrs MacLeod/The Fairy Dance/The Mason's Apron/Staten Island/The De'il Amang The Tailors10:44. £0.79
2Jim JohnstoneStrip The Willow: The Blackthorn Stick/Roarin' Jelly/Pet Of The Pipers/The Rakes O' Kildare2:16. £0.79
3Fergie MacDonaldWest Highland Waltz: Mary With The 'Witching Eyes/Filoro/Mairi Allan3:45. £0.79
4Iain MacPhailDashing White Sergeant: Dashing White Sergeant/Caddam Woods/Miss Suzanne Barbour2:40. £0.79
5Jim JohnstoneCanadian Barn Dance: Sprig Of Ivy/71st Highlanders3:04. £0.79
6Lex KeithWaltz Country Dance: Come O'er The Stream Charlie/Ye Banks And Braes/Huntingtower/Ne'er Wed An Old Man3:25. £0.79
7Fergie MacDonaldIrish Jiggery: Saddle The Pony/Connaught Man's Rambles/The Irish Girl2:48. £0.79
8Lothian ScottishLothian Lads 8x32 Reel: The Original/East Dene/Iain Stevenson's Reel/Miss Ena Wilson4:32. £0.79
9Jim JohnstoneThe Palais Glyde: Heyken's Serenade2:37. £0.79
10John CarmichaelHebridean Waltz: Where I Was Yestereen/Isle Of Heather/Brown Haired Maiden/Farewell To The North3:02. £0.79
11Fergie MacDonaldIrish Military Two Step: Sitting On The Bridge/Oul' Lammas Fair/Garden Where The Pratties Grow2:04. £0.79
12Calum WilsonThe Grand March: A Man's A Man/Star O' Rabbie Burns2:49. £0.79
13Lothian Scottish32 x Jig + 32 x Strathspey + 32 x Reel: Humours Of Castle Glendhar/Cathkin Braes/Colin Bell2:16. £0.79
14Jim JohnstoneSt. Bernard's Waltz: Irish Whispers3:25. £0.79
15John EllisBoston Two Step: Ta-Li-Lo2:25. £0.79
16GlendaruelReel Hoop And Gird Her: The Original/Bill Cormack Of Blair/Mrs McDougall Grant3:27. £0.79
17Bobby MacLeodPride O' Erin Waltz: Bush In The Garden/One Morning In May/Home From The Sea/The Unknown3:13. £0.79
18Colin CampbellGay Gordons: Highland Donald/Hopeful Lover/My Pretty Maid2:53. £0.79
19John Ellis2 x Schottisches: P/M John Stewart/Inveresk House3:16. £0.79
20Jim JohnstoneMilitary Two Step: With A Shillelagh Under My Arm/If You're Irish Come Into The Parlour/The Irish Washerwoman2:21. £0.79

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This was the 'dance' end of the first ever 4 CDs released by Lismor, combing through their catalogue to have something valid to suit the new medium for music and impress a new global audience.
A great mix of the very well known dances and some of the popular new ones - all played by the top bands with a swing and a lilt. Impressive even today.



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