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Very Best of Irish Folk (Double)

Various Artists - Irish Folk


Catalogue Number: PDSCD503
Running Time: 63 + 60 mins

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Disc One
1) The Dubliners - Rocky Road to Dublin
2) Finbar & Eddie Furey - Curragh of Kildare
3) Glenside Ceili Band - Glenside Polkas No.1 & No.2
4) Grehan Sisters - Henry Joy
5) Sweeney's Men - The Handsome Cabin Boy
6) The Johnstons - The Frog's Wedding
7) The Dubliners - The Wild Rover
8) Finbar & Eddie Furey - The Spanish Cloak
9) Mick Maloney - Don't Cry In Your Sleep
10) Grehan Sisters - The Orange & the Green
11) Kilfenora Ceili Band - Coming Back to Milltown
12) Dave Swarbrick - The Killarney Boys of Pleasure
13) Sweeney's Men - Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
14) The Dubliners - Peggy Lettermore
15) The Johnstons - The Lambs On the Green Hill
16) Glanside Ceili Band - Limerick Is Beautiful
17) Na Fili : Song & Jig Medlay
18) Sweeney's Men - Tom Doley
19) Finbar & Eddie Furey - The Fox Chase

Disc Two
1) The Dubliners - The Holy Ground
2) Mick Maloney - Leitrim Fancy
3) Sweeney's Men - Exile's Jig
4) The Johnstons - Bitter Green
5) Kilfenora Ceili Band - Double Jigs
6) Finbar & Eddie Furey - Come By the Hills
7) The Dubliners - Dublin Fusiliers
8) The Johnstons - The Spanish Lady
9) Kilfenora Ceili Band - Kilfenora Reels
10) The Johnstons - Ye Jacobites By Name
11) Sweeney's Men - House Carpenter
12) Na Fili - Chanter's Tune - An Samhradh Crua - Green Fields of Ross beigh - Murphy's
13) The Dubliners - Will You Come to the Bower
14) Finbar & Eddie Furey - Dainty Davie
15) Glenside Ceili Band - The Golden Jubilee
16) The Dubliners - Roisin Dubh
17) Mick Maloney - Reel On Mandolin
18) Finbar & Eddie Furey - Bill Hart's Favourite
19) The Dubliners - Leaving of Liverpool



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