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Music For Old Time Dancing Vol.3

Freeland Barbour

Bonskied Music

Released: 1st July 2012
Catalogue Number: BONSCD703
Barcode: 880992142571
Running Time: 78 mins.

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1The Angus Waltz2:39. £0.79
2Ragtime Swing: Down By the Riverside / When the Saints Go Marching In3:19. £0.79
3The Royal Minuet3:42. £0.79
4The Alberts (Quadrille), Fig. 1: The Lion Standard Quadrille, Fig 11:17. £0.79
5The Alberts (Quadrille), Fig. 2: Jenny's Bawbee / This is no' my Ain Lassie / Miss Herries Forbes Farewell to Banff1:59. £0.79
6The Alberts (Quadrille), Fig. 3: The Gambolier / We Won't Go Home Till Morning / Billy Magee Magar1:24. £0.79
7The Alberts (Half Waltz Cotillion), Fig. 4: Donau Wellen4:50. £0.79
8The Alberts (Quadrille), Fig. 5: Dan the Cobbler / The Maid on the Green / The Top of Cork Road / Father Tom's Wager2:24. £0.79
9The Imperial Waltz: You & I / Beautiful Brown Eyes2:36. £0.79
10The Imperial Two Step: The March of the Gordon Highlanders3:28. £0.79
11Broadway Quickstep: This Ole House2:44. £0.79
12The Royal Cotillion (Waltzes), Fig. 1: Buckingham Court / Woods of Windsor / The Osborne Waltz / The Clarence Waltz4:09. £0.79
13The Royal Cotillion (Waltzes), Fig. 2: I Lo'e Nae a Laddie But Ane / Braes of Balmoral / Kerrow / Rothesay Bay3:59. £0.79
14The Royal Cotillion (Waltzes), Fig. 3: Blow the Man Down / La Pique / Farewell and Adieu / Rolling Home5:00. £0.79
15The Stern Polka4:03. £0.79
16The Eileen Waltz (Modern Waltz): Moonlight On the Shannon River3:08. £0.79
17The Jazz Twinkle / The Chadwick (Foxtrot): Side By Side4:04. £0.79
18The Baden-Powell Schottische4:20. £0.79
19The Kilmorack March / The Bathing Belles of Arisaig2:46. £0.79
20The Berlin Polka: The German Schottische2:42. £0.79
21Men of Hoy (8 x 32 Bar Reel): Men of Hoy / Blacksmith's Lilt / Orkney Polka / Pomona Polka4:41. £0.79
22The Chrysanthemum Waltz: The Rosebud Waltz3:13. £0.79
23Waverley Two Step: Jimmy and Kathleen Malcolm's Golden Wedding March / Jimmy Allan, The Dancer2:38. £0.79
24Bonnie Lassie Party Dance (March): I Love a Lassie / The Rose of Allendale / Ernie Gordon, The Geordie Jock2:57. £0.79

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Near 80 minutes of music on accordion by master enthusiast Freeland Barbour.
So he's now half way through this 6 CD collection and already it looks like a necessary and well researched collection for old time dance fans chosen by consultant Jessie Stuart of Keith, Banffshire.


Freeland Barbour - Accordions



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