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Play the St.Andrews Ball

Ron Kerr and his Scottish Dance Band

Shielburn Associates

Catalogue Number: SHIELCD007
Barcode: 5031642300727
Running Time: 72 mins.

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1The Montgomerie's Rant (8x32R): Lady Montgomerie, Archie Menzies, Luggin' The Box, The Reconciliation, Kirsty MacKinnon, The Blue Mountain Hornpipe, The Brace Bridge Centennial Hornpipe4:34. £0.79
2The Gentle Shepherd (4x32J): The Gentle Shepherd, De'nt-Ainma Th'air, Cion A'Bhuntata2:40. £0.79
3The Braes Of Breadalbane (8x32S): The Braes Of Breadalbane, Ian Powrie's Compliments To Angus Fitchet, Margaret's Fancy, Davie Taylor, South Of The Grampians, Lord Moira, Agnes Lowden, Ballochmyle Brig 7:57. £0.79
4The Reverend John MacFarlane (4x32R): Quickstep, The Fiddlers Monikie, Pat Donald, The Rev. Peter Fenton2:17. £0.79
5It's Just For Fun (8x32J): Quickstep, Princess Margaret's Jig, Sir Torquil Munro, Gray's Second Chance4:25. £0.79
6The Rouken Glen (72 S): The Caledonian Society Of London, Sporting Jamie 2:20. £0.79
7Inverness Country Dance (8x32R): Speed The Plough, Bill Powrie, Katie Stammers, Cortez Island Hornpipe4:28. £0.79
8Foursome Reel (48S, 88R): Catlodge, Fiona Macleod, Alister MacDonald Of Fasgadh 3:00. £0.79
9The Reel Of The 51st Division (8x32R): The Drunken Piper, Donnie The Post, The Wee Bus, Peerie Willie Johnson4:30. £0.79
10Hamilton House (8x32J): Hamilton House, Debbie's Jig, Vic's Jig, The Old Box Stove4:25. £0.79
11Duke Of Perth (Broon's Reel 8x32R): Duke Of Perth, John Donald Of Coullie, Mrs E M Monair Of Bruach, Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy4:13. £0.79
12Mrs Milne Of Kinneff (4x32S): Rose Of Allandale, Sound The Pibroch, A Man's A Man, Scots Wha Ha'e4:15. £0.79
14The Triumph (1) - (4x24R): Triumph, Wanderin' Willie, Miss Kirsty Jamieson, The Crystal City Breakdown1:51. £0.79
15The Triumph (2) - (4x24R): Da Fairy Reel, Norm Burgess Breakdown, Horner's Trophy Reel, The Muskoka Homestead Reel1:51. £0.79
16Balmoral Strathspey (4x32S): Balmoral, The Aberdeen Festival, Mrs Margaret E Campbell, The Marchioness Of Huntly 4:00. £0.79
17Strip The Willow (4x56J): Crooks Of The Kingdom, Bronnis Blue Brozzi, F'e Is Bharraidh, The Changeling 3:29. £0.79
18The Duke And Duchess Of Edinburgh (8x40R): Dunnottar Castle, Miss S J Marshall, The Borestone, Jack Delaney, Gillian's Reel, The Dean Brig, The New High Level, Billy Thom's Reel5:28. £0.79

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