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Music for Old Time Dancing Vol.4

Freeland Barbour

Bonskied Music

Released: 1st November 2012
Catalogue Number: BONSCD704
Barcode: 880992142670
Running Time: 76 mins.

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1Chicago Swing: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)2:43. £0.79
2The Ruby Waltz: Rose of Clare / The Greenfield Waltz4:43. £0.79
3The Palais Stroll (Barn Dance): Anything Doin'2:32. £0.79
4The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 1: Here's to the Maiden / The Rollicking Irishman1:51. £0.79
5The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 2: Camptown Races / Jingle Bells1:57. £0.79
6The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 3: The Gambolier / We Won't Go Home Till Morning / Billy Magee Magar1:24. £0.79
7The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 4: Upidee / There Is a Tavern In the Town / Marching Through Georgia1:57. £0.79
8The Lancers (Quadrille), Fig. 5: See the Conquering Hero Comes / Solomon Levy / Come Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl / John Peel / Old Folks at Home / Massa's in da Cold Cold Ground / Ho-ro My Nut-Brown Maiden / Riding Down from Bangor3:59. £0.79
9The Lilac Waltz: The Crocus Waltz3:16. £0.79
10Saunter Together: Caledonian Gem3:42. £0.79
11The Kitchener Two Step: Shetland Shells / The Tea Gardens2:37. £0.79
12La Rinka (Waltz): La Rinka2:32. £0.79
13The Lambeth Walk (Novelty Dance)3:13. £0.79
14Malcolm's Golden Two Step: Jimmy Malcolm's Two Step / Kathleen Malcolm's Two Step2:56. £0.79
15The Silver Wedding Waltz (Modern Waltz): Skyline of Skye3:32. £0.79
16Midnight Tango: Kirkgate Tango2:16. £0.79
17Destiny Waltz: Eileen Alannah4:33. £0.79
18La Tempête (4 x 48 Bar Reels): La Tempête / Danielsson in the Patriots Pit / Goff and Judy Cantley's Reel / Malcolm and Angela MacDomhnaill's Reel3:35. £0.79
19The Hurndilla (Waltz): Daisy Bell / Bless 'em All4:50. £0.79
20The Newtown Two Step: The Housegarth Two Step2:29. £0.79
21The Queen's Waltz: Jessie Stuart (The Queen of the Dance)4:07. £0.79
22The Vamp (Foxtrot): Goodnight Irene2:49. £0.79
23La Camelia4:24. £0.79
24Comin' Through the Rye (Waltz): Comin' Frae the Toun / Low Down in the Broom / The Caledonian Hunt's Delight3:56. £0.79

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A forth big album of old time dances compiled by 'our resident expert' Freeland, playing his way through as a labour of love.
As you might expect, the tempos are precise.
So all you really need is a partner!!


Freeland Barbour - Accordion



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