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The Saturday Dance Vol.2

Various Artists - Country Dance

Legacy Recording

Catalogue Number: LEGACY21CD
Barcode: 5065000026806
Running Time: 60 mins.

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Following quickly up on Vol.1 - a further 20 dances from 20 different bands.
Roll back that carpet!!

1) Jimmy Shand SDB - Eightsome Reel: De'il Amang the Tailors - Staten Island - Speed the Plough - The Wind That Shakes the Barley - Mrs.MacLeod
2) Peter White SDB - Jig: Roarin' Jelly - Miss Maria Stewart's Jig - Athol Highlanders
3) Ian Powrie SDB - Braes o' Tullymet: Betsy Robertson - Braes o' Mar
4) William Hannah SDB - Scottish Reform
5) Bobby Crowe's SDB - Highland Schottische:
6) Curly MacKay SDB - Reels: Kemnay House - Pat Donald - Kinclaven Brig - Davie Nicknack - Caddam Wood
7) Will Starr - Robert Wilson Waltz: Way Up in Clachan - The Nothern Light of Old Aberdeen - Oh My Jock MacKay
8) Angus Fitchett's SDB - Circassian Circle: Original - Staten Island - The Mason's Apron - Lucky Scaup
9) Bobby MacLeod's HDB - Polka: Lucknow Polka - Trumpet Hornpipe
10) Jack Forsyth SDB - Kenmure's On & Awa': Original - Miss Stewart of Bombay - Aithernie Lodge
11) The Hawthorne Accordion Band - Monymusk: Original - Lady Mary Ramsay - Colonel Byng's Favouorite
12) Jim & Nichol MacKay - The Alpine Waltz
13) Robert White & The Danelaw SDB - Reel: Sally Gardens - Miss Monaghan's - Sheehan's - The Mooncoin
14) Ian Holmes SDB - Military Two Step: The Mairsland Two Step
15) George Stirrat SDB - Reel: Dumbarton's Drums - Far Frae Hame - The Piper's Glass - New High Level
16) Bob Little & The Kelvin Band - Gaelic Waltz: Sine Bhan - Mo Reavin Chinal - Green Hills of Islay
17) John MacGregor SDB - Eva Three Step: Mr & Mrs.Alex Ross - Dr.Ross
18) Rob Gordon SDB - The Frisky Jig: Humber Jumber - Solomon Levi - Haymaker's Jig - Tight Little Island
19) Arthur Spink - Waltz Country Dance: The Cradle Song - The Piper's Weird - Lass o' Lowrie
20) Jimmy Blue SDB - Hornpipes:Harvest Home - The Stack o' Wheat - Peter Wyper's Hornpipe
Following quickly up on Vol.1 - a further 20 dances from 20 different bands.
Roll back that carpet!!


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