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Non-Stop Ceilidh Dancing

Jim MacLeod


Released: 1998
Catalogue Number: CDITV645
Barcode: 5014675308113
Running Time: 64 mins.

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You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks on this album using the player below.

Comes with audience and spoken intros.

1)Dashing White Sergeant:Original - Rae Horrick's Reel - Irene Doig's Reel - The Dunster Reel - Original
2) Southern Rose Waltz:The Auld House - Argyll Grove - Aberdour Bay
3) Braveheart Swing:Original - The Scottish Horse - P/M Jimmy Mortimer
4) Hebridean Weaving Lilt:Orange and Blue - Fear A Figue - Calum Beag
5) Gay Gordons:Lights of Lochindaal - Bonnie Kirkwall Bay - Miss Linda MacFarlane
6) Seann Triubhas: Whistle O'er the Lave O'T
7) Square Dance:Redwing Polka - Hiya Hoedown - Canadian Reel
8) Canadian Barn Dance: John MacFadyen og Glencoe - The Balkan Hills
9) Step Dance: Bouncing the Baby - Teviot Bridge
10) Reel - Sons On the Rock:Billy Johnstone's Reel - Burnie Boozle - Canberra Reel
11) Sword Dance: Ghillie Callum
12) Reel - Shiftin' Bobbins:St.Ermins Reel - Dugald J.MacAngus - Lass O'Gowrie
13) Band Feature:Bill Thomson's Farewell to Dunblane - Black Bear - Mill Brae - St.Anne's Reel
14) Military Two-step:Come To the Ceilidh - Campbeltown Loch - Bonnie Dundee
15) Step Dance:Miss Lyall - Andy Broon's Reel
16) St.Bernard's Waltz:Back to Bonnie Scotland - Lovely Stornoway - Skye Is My Home - Dancing in Kyle
17)MacDonald of Sleat - Dovecote Park
18) Sailor's Hornpipe: Clumsy Lover
19) Posties Jig:Lassie Come and Dance with Me - The Caerlaverock Jig - Tam's Hunting Horn
20) Virginia Reel:Steamboat Bill - Deep In the Heart of Texas - Yellow Rose of Texas - The Swanee River - Girl I Left Behind Me
21) Hammond's Sttish Steps:Fairy Dance - Rakes of Kildare - Mrs.MacLeod - Blackthorn Stick - The Drunken Piper - Rory O'More
22) Circle Waltz:Last Waltz of the Evening - Auld Lang Syne - Now Is the Hour
23) Full Eightsome Reel:Marquis of Tullibardine - Lady MacKenzie of Coull - Davy Knick Knack - Eightsome Air 1 - Eightsome Air 2 - Waves of Tory - A Man's A Man - old Highland Air - Kate Dalrymple
Comes with audience and spoken intros.


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