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The Scottish Sound of The Bill Hendry Dance Band

The Bill Hendry Dance Band


Released: 1st January 2007
Catalogue Number: THISTLE109
Barcode: 5014818811425
Running Time: 42 Mins

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1The Hollin Bus Jig: Farewell to the Tay, P/M Sam Scott, Willie Tait3:00. £0.79
2Highland Laddie Reel: Cairney Mount, Month of May, Grant's Reel, Downfield Reel2:26. £0.79
3Polka: O'er the Drills2:13. £0.79
4Scottish Waltz: A Scottish Waltz2:50. £0.79
5Roxburgh Castle Reel: Original, Miss S.J. Marshall, Gordon's Favourite, Mickie Ainsworth2:25. £0.79
6Kenmure's On An' Awa': Original, The Flourish, Major Mackie, The Families Pride2:21. £0.79
7Highland Scottische: Calum Beag, Bert's Highland Polka2:45. £0.79
8The Gay Gordons: The Headlands, The Hills of Alva, Sandy Duff, The Kilt is My Delight2:31. £0.79
9The Mairrit Man's Favourite: The Apple Tree, The Ale is Dear, Sandy Duff, The Kilt is My Delight2:25. £0.79
10Miss Hadden's Reel: The Stone Court, Wee Todd, A.M. Shinnie, Ann Fraser McKenzie2:22. £0.79
11The Gay Gordons - 2: Hunter's Hill, Mr & Mrs Alex Ross2:34. £0.79
12Gaelic Waltz: Leaving Lismore, Filoro, I Love the Maiden Fair, The Castle in the Glen2:45. £0.79
13Maxwell's Rant: Miss Mary Douglas, Norman Whitelaw, Archie Menzies2:22. £0.79
14Jimmy's Fancy Strathspey: Lord Seaforth, The Smith's A Gallant Fireman, The Iron Man3:12. £0.79
15Hooper's Jig: Peter's Peerie Boat, Pet o' the Pipers, Echoes of Oban2:21. £0.79
16Reels: John Murray of Lochlea, The Scholar, Shannon Reel3:35. £0.79

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Released in the early 1970s, a CD re-issue from one of the most popular bands of the day.
The dance list is interesting with a few that will be 'new' to the modern dancer but were, no doubt, popular at the time.
No players are listed but we guess this is maybe a 5-piece as it's quite a full and lively sound.
Have a listen.



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