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The World's Greatest Pipers

Jack Lee

Celtic International
Lismor Recordings

Released: 2002
Catalogue Number: LCOM5289
Barcode: 5014818528927
Running Time: 63mins.

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16/8 Marches: The Heights of Cassino, Meg MacRae, Cameron MacFadyen5:03. £0.79
2March Strathspey & Reel: Bonnie Ann, Cameronian Rant, The Little Cascade5:28. £0.79
3Slow Air & Jig: Eileen Mary Connolly, Geese in the Bog, Piping Hot Summer Drummer, Andy and Sandy Jack Lee World's Grea5:47. £0.79
4Hornpipes: The Londonderry Hornpipe, Harry MacAleer's Favourite, P/M George Allan4:48. £0.79
5Marches Strathspeys & Reels: P/M William MacLean, The Marchioness of Tullibardine, Lady Louden, Neil Sutherland of Lairg, The Sheepwife, Pretty Marion9:17. £0.79
6Slow Air: Mrs Joy Cairns2:44. £0.79
7Piobaireachd: Lament For The Earl Of Antrim17:47. £0.79
8Strathspeys & Reels: Highland Whiskey, Wiseman's Exercise, Nellie's Strathspey, The Fiddler, CP Air Pipe Band, MacPherson's Rant, Travelling with Andrew, The Hills of Kesh, The Gravel Walk, Passing Up LA, Congress Reel4:50. £0.79
99/8 Retreat Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, & Jigs: Back to Ibrox, The Festival March, Greyfriars Julie, Brooke Chantal, Pitnacree Ferryman, The Ferryman, The Flying Scotsman, Doug Boyd's Favourite7:05. £0.79

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Alas the final album in 'The World's Greatest Pipers' series though someone else may take up the banner in the future. We end Lismor's participation with a very highly rated player and prize-winner - Jack Lee joins the elite band on this historic series. Anyone who can play a 17-18 minute piobaireachd deserves attention. This last had the same demands as the first: you had to have won an awful lot of solo pipe championships and be prepared to record solo on a personal choice of material from across the piping spectrum.


Jack Lee - Highland Bagpipe



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