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The Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh

Jim Cameron and his Scottish Dance Band

Beltona Records

Catalogue Number: BLTCD03
Barcode: 5065000026806
Running Time: 60 mins.

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1Corn Rigs: Original - 93rds Farewell to Edinburgh.2:52. £0.79
2Barley Bree: Barley Cakes - A.M.Shinnie - Elizabeth Adair.2:45. £0.79
3The Caledonian Rant: Mrs.Grieve of Howden - Bonnie Brux - The Fiddler's Joy.2:53. £0.79
4Rock & the Wee Pickle Tow - Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow.2:51. £0.79
5Come Ashore Jack Tar: Jacky Jar - The Wheelbarrow.2:50. £0.79
6Fair Maid of Perth: Original - North of the Grampians - Ferntosh Whisky.3:45. £0.79
7MS&R - Accordion Solo: Lord Huntly's Cave - Orange & Blue - The Fairy Dance.2:37. £0.79
8Foula Reel: Glendaruel Highlanders - Redford Cottage.2:51. £0.79
9The Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh: Original - The Duke & Duchess of Birkhall.2:50. £0.79
10Hebridean Weaving Lilt: Orange & Blue - Kafoozalum.2:32. £0.79
11Eight Men of Moidart: Original - This Is No My Ain Lassie.2:49. £0.79
12Rory O'More: Original - Sorry To Part - Irish Girl.2:46. £0.79
13Robertson's Rant: Original - Peter Baillie.2:52. £0.79
14The Scots Bonnet: Bonnets o' Blue - Bugle Horn - Hot Punch.2:51. £0.79
15Shepherd's Crook: Original - Duke of Gordon.2:10. £0.79
16Fight About the Fireside: Glenburnie Rant - The Old Grey Cat.2:48. £0.79
17Hornpipes - Accordion Solo: Bonnie Banchory - The Londonderry - The Marquis of Lorne.2:50. £0.79
18Rouken Glen: Original - The Caledonian Society of London.2:10. £0.79
19Haymakers: Original - The Haddington Assembly.2:56. £0.79
20Perth Medley: Callum Beag - Highland Whisky - The Fairy Dance.2:56. £0.79
21Waltz: A Gordon For Me - The Lass o' Lowrie - Oh My Jock MacKay.3:03. £0.79
22Circassian Circle: Original - Victoria Hornpipe - Babes In the Wood.2:43. £0.79

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Not a reissue.
Long undiscovered tapes of a 1951 session gives 19 previously unreleased tracks of this once very popular band.


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