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Agus na Muideartaich

Fergie MacDonald

Lismor Recordings

Released: 1993
Catalogue Number: LCOM5222
Barcode: 5014818522222
Running Time: 47 mins

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1Celi Music: Out in the Ocean, The Humours of Glendart, The Kesh Jig3:28. £0.79
2Hebridean Reels: Mairi's Wedding, Balallan Reel, Bratach Bana3:08. £0.79
3Bothan Ballads: Bheil Cuinhe Agad, Slan Do'n Rhibbin Og, Fil Oro, Te Bhan, Fagail Leodhais3:30. £0.79
4Hooligan's Jig: Irishman's Heart to the Ladies, The Boys of Ballymote, The Connaught Man's Rambles2:56. £0.79
5Moidart Reels: The Silver Walk, The Rutting Stag, Rip the Calico3:15. £0.79
6Benbecula Barn Dance: Iain McLachlan of Greagorry, Calum Beag3:03. £0.79
7Real "Fergie" Jigs: Maureen's Jig, Ness Bothan, Wee Todd2:59. £0.79
8Tribute to Bobby MacLeod 6/8 March: M'Athair2:43. £0.79
9The Jig : "Run Rig"3:21. £0.79
10Button Box Schottische: Katie Jane of Lewis, Seonaid, Flett from Flotta2:22. £0.79
11Ian MacFarlane "On the Fiddle": Flower Basket, The Glen Road to Carrick, Sean Ryan's3:03. £0.79
12Jigs "Box and Banjo": Jackson's Rambles, Matt Cunningham Special2:55. £0.79
13Talla A'Bhaile Reels: Little Christmas, The Humours of Tulla2:40. £0.79
14Ceilidh on the Croft: Merrily Kissed the Quaker, McKenna's Jig, Give Me A Glass of Water3:45. £0.79
15Isle of Skye Reels: Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, The Sound of Sleat4:03. £0.79
16Ceól Eirainn: The Cow that Ate the Blanket, Jackson's Jig, The Eavesdropper2:51. £0.79

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Who is this man?
A 'legend' in Scottish traditional music circles, Innovator, pioneer, publican, game-keeper, physiotherapist, hundreds of other things and one hell of a player with one hell of a band.
It does not mention composer in there. A major omission. Fergie has written a few belters in his time and recorded by a broad assortment of artists.
After a near 50 year association I think I can safely say that there's no one quite like Fergie!!


Fergie MacDonald - Button Key Accordion Iain MacDonald - Flute, Whistle, Small Pipes, Bodhran. Joe Cunningham - Banjo. Ian MacFarlane - Fiddle John Carmichael - Accordion. Dave Flockhart - Piano Alasdair MacLeod - Bass Allan MacColl - Drums.



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