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2003 - 2004 Collection

Frankie Gavin


Catalogue Number: FG2003
Barcode: 689232081461
Running Time: 41 + 49 + 46 +

You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks on this album using the player below.

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Disc One (Speed of Sound):
1) Colonel Fraser
2) Tide Comes In
3) The Leg of the Duck - Paidin o'Raifeartaigh
4) O'Carolan's Concerto
5) College Groves - The Moving Bog - The Tap Room - The Lillies In the Field
6) The Garden of Dasies
7) Jimmy Kelly's - The Fair Wind
8) The Independent Hornpipe
9) Trip to Sligo - John Kimmel's - Donnybrook Fair
10) The Mooncoin Reel
11) Star of the Co.Down - Mr.McGuire
12) The Road to Sligo - Kitty's Rambles
13) The Fairy Queen
14) Over the Moor - The Rose In the Garden - The Heather Breeze
Disc Two - Live at Glor, Ennis
1) Andy McCann's - George White's Favourite
2) Happy To Meet Sorry To Part - Contentment is Wealth - The Butcher's March
3) The Union Reel
4) The Tailor's Twist - The Dublin Hornpipe - Thomond Bridge
5) McGovern's Favourite - The Mullingar Races
6) Tarbolton - The Longford Collector - The Sailor's Bonnet
7) Cloonloughlin Lady - The Mathematician
8) Peter Feeney's Dream - The Flower of the Flock
9) Spey in Spate - The Man of the House
Disc Three - Music For Peace
1) The Boys of Belfast - Number 5
2) The Cuckoo's Nest
3) The Houseboat - St.Ann's
4) The West Hornpipe - Grange Orange
5) Touch Me If You Dare - Hanly's
6) Slan Le Maigh - The Yellow Cow
7) Maho Snap - Con Cassidy's
8) The Blackberry Blossom
9) Leaving the Battlefield - Bonnie Grand March
10) Wind That Shakes the Barley - Noone Lasses
11) The Bugle Hornpipe
12) The Maids of Ahoghill - The Pathan Dance - Hillstown Orange Hall
13) Toss the Feathers - The Lobster
14) Young Men In Their Bloom
Disc Four - The Grappelli Era:
1) The Kerry Dances
2) Danny Boy
3) Way Too Jazzy - The Blacksmith's Fancy
4) Mna na hEireann - Sean Sa
5) Fascinating Rhythm
6) Whistling Into Chiocago
7) Stephane's Medley
8) Sweet Georgia Browne
9) Farewell To Erin
Fiddlers all around the world have just given up!
Fiddle music lovers are saving up their penny's to buy this outrageous 4-CD set.
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Frankie Gavin - Fiddle
Stephane Grappelli -Fiddle & Piano
Mairtin O'Connor
Joe Derrane
Carl Hession
Gary Hastings
Galwat String Ensemble
Brian Burke - Bodhran



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