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Ah’m Dancin’

Glencraig Scottish Dance Band

Greentrax Recordings.

Released: 1st October 2012
Catalogue Number: CDTRAX369
Barcode: 5018081036929

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You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks on this album using the player below.

Last album in a series of 4, this one covering "Old Time Dances". The others are:
‘Are Ye Dancin’
'Are Ye Askin'
‘Ah’m Askin’
Country dance in every style.

1) La Russe: La Russe / The Breakdown /
The Quarter Deck / President Garfield
2) Joe McDiarmid’s Jig:Joe MacDiarmid's Jig / Lenny Smith of Haylor / Chrissie Leatham
Two Step / The Steamboat Jig
3)Edinburgh Mixture: The Dog's Paws / Leslie Angus / Da Guizer's March / Morag's
Spicy Rum
4) Vienese Swing: Ferdeminner
5) Mississippi Dip: Four Leaf Clover / Wait
Till the Sun Shines Nellie / The Robert E Lee / When You're Smiling / Row Row Row
6) Lion Standard Quadrilles ( Figure 1-6 )
7) Shifting Bobbins:Shifting Bobbins / Maple Leaf Rag / Mrs E M Monair of Bruach / Westwood Reel
8) Marine Four-Step: The Dancing Piper /
Highlander Gordon Pirie
9) Nottingham Lace: Hebridean Milking Song / Highland Donald / The Hopeful Lover /
Hebridean Waulking Song
10) Student Lancers: ( Figure 1-5 )
11) Killarney Waltz: Believe me in All Those
Endearing Young Charms / The Gentle Maiden / The Turfman From Ardee / When
Irish Eyes are Smiling
12) Bees of Maggieknockater: Brodgar
Bjorkis's Boys / Haste to the Wedding / A
Trip to Kilkenny / The Famous Baravan
13) Palais Glide: Horsey Horsey / Side by Side / Show me the Way to go Home / Me
and My Girl / Shine on Harvest Moon
14) Irish Rover: Irish Rover / The Boys of Wexford / Down the Brae / The Minstrel Boy / South of Garryowen / The Leaving of
Liverpool / The Laddies Who Fought and Won / Whiskey in the Jar
15) Jacky Tar Two Step:Fraser Neil Sneden /
PM William MacLean
16) Seton’s Ceilidh Band:Seton's Ceilidh Band / Cecil and Mona Tulloch / Ron and Evelyn Wake / The Bonanza Two Step
17) Fisherman’s Reel:London Olympics 2012 / Rhoda's Bon Hoga / Jessie Burns / Phil
Cunningham's Reel / Zephyr LK 394
Last album in a series of 4, this one covering "Old Time Dances". The others are:
‘Are Ye Dancin’
'Are Ye Askin'
‘Ah’m Askin’
Country dance in every style.


Nicol McLaren - Lead Accordion
Gordon Howe - Fiddle
Neil Caul - Second Accordion
Isobelle Hodgson - Piano
John Sinton - Double Bass
Robert Simpson - Drums



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