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Rob's Music Box

Rob Gordon and his Scottish Dance Band

Legacy Recordings

Released: 2001
Catalogue Number: Legacy12CD
Barcode: 5065000026615
Running Time: 73 mins.

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1Linton Plooman: Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre - Meldrum House - The Quaker2:16. £0.79
2Double Danish Quadrilles: Original - Silver & Gold2:23. £0.79
3MacDonald of the Isles: Mrs.Rob Gordon - Auld Lucky - Neil Gow's Wife3:09. £0.79
4Baldovan Reel: Original - McKenzie of Coull - Drumleys2:16. £0.79
5Angus MacLeod: Original - Bratach Bana2:25. £0.79
6Scottish Waltz Medley: Dark Lochnagar - Gentle Mary - My Ain Wee Hoose3:30. £0.79
7Bonnie Anne: Glendaruel Highlanders1:47. £0.79
8The Fandango: Original - Anne Drummond Smithie - Deuks Dang Ow're My Daddie3:20. £0.79
9New Scotland Strathspey: Original - Lady Maxwell - Aithernie Lodge - Lord Cathcart4:53. £0.79
10Rosnor Abbey: Cecil McCausland - Dr. & Mrs.Walker - The Drunken Parson2:51. £0.79
11Fiddle Solo: Seige of Delhi - Miller o' Hirn - Breakdown2:25. £0.79
12Military Two Step: The Bill Caldwell Two Step2:28. £0.79
13Waltz-a-Long: Ned Kelly - We Parted On the Shore - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling2:10. £0.79
14Burns Hornpipe: Glasgow Hornpipe - Oxford Street - Da Tushker2:25. £0.79
15Foursome Reel & Reel of Tulloch: Highland Whisky - De'il Amang the Tailors - Reel of Tulloch2:44. £0.79
16Pretty Ladies: Audrey Hinchliffe's Strathspey - Back o' Catterthun - Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Jean Milligan2:36. £0.79
17Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming: Miss Milligan's Strathspey - Blin' Jamie - Grant Lodge4:24. £0.79
18Scottish Waltz Medley: My Home - Fairy Lullaby - Tocherless Lass3:29. £0.79
19The Balintore Fishermen2:39. £0.79
20Accordion Duet: Boulevarde Montparnasse1:56. £0.79
21Miss Murray of Lintrose: Original - Georgina Catherine MacDonald's Fancy - Celtic Air - Happy We've Been Th'gither4:25. £0.79
22Haughs O' Cromdale: Original - Lady Carmichael - Neil Gow's Wife4:02. £0.79
23Postie's Jig: Cardiff Caledonians - Elspeth Andrews Fancy - Brinkie Braes2:20. £0.79
24St.Bernard Waltz3:32. £0.79
25March: Scotland the Brave - Uist Tramping Song - Carwath Mill.2:16. £0.79

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Tracks taken from three Thistle Records albums recorded in the early 70s.


No complete listing.
Rob Gordon - Accordion
Hamish Smith - Accordion
Ron Kerr - Fiddle



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