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Carmichael's Ceilidh Ball

John Carmichael & his Scottish Dance Band


Catalogue Number: CDELM4158
Barcode: 611454415823
Running Time: 53 mins.

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1Grand March: Bloody Fields of Flanders / Kilworth Hills / Archie McKinlay3:02. £0.79
2Dashing White Sergeant: Original / Snouts & Ears / Spanish Ladies / Rattlin' Bog / Elegant Esther Gray2:49. £0.79
3Boston Two Step: Hogmanay Jig / Davie's Brae / Tam's Hunting Horn / Corner House Jig / The Weaver & His Wife2:47. £0.79
4St.Bernard's Waltz: The Spinning Wheel / Old Homing Waltz / Silver Darlings / the Ashgrove3:07. £0.79
5Gay Gordons: Dunse Dings A' / The Enniskillen Dragoon / Good Luck & Joy Be With You / At the Lurgainn2:57. £0.79
6Duke of Perth: Original / Georgie Wark / Peat Fire Flame / Piper's Cave / Reel of Tullochgorum3:17. £0.79
7Military Two Step: Looking for a Partner2:19. £0.79
8Scottish Waltz: O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir / A Rosebud By My Early Walk / Ca' the Ewes - Ye Banks & Braes - the Queen's Marys.3:12. £0.79
9Strip the Willow: Donald McKillop / The Thief of Lochaber / Charles Anderson3:08. £0.79
10Canadian Barn Dance: The Detriot Highlanders / The Ross-shire Volunteers3:23. £0.79
11Britannia Two Step: St. Andrews Night / Trip to Tobermoray / Cave Hill / Banks of the Allan / Peter Bailie's Wife2:51. £0.79
12Flying Scotsman: County Mack Ilmoyle's Reel / Carlton County / Mitten's Breakdown.2:39. £0.79
13Valeta Waltz3:01. £0.79
14Polka: Gleniffer Polka2:34. £0.79
15Hullichan's Jig: Cumbedrland Reel / The Steamboat / Off She Goes - Wi' a Hundred Pipers - Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife / I Lo'e Nae a Laddie3:11. £0.79
16The Friendly Waltz: I Won't Be Sad / Bu Chaomh Leam Bhi Mireadh / I Cannot Sleep / Loch Leven / Hearken My Love3:47. £0.79
17Eva Three Step: The Heights of Cassino / Marchhall Crescent2:30. £0.79
18Circassian Ciircle: Kingussie Flower / Milking Croon / Kiss Me Quick My Mother's Coming / Caithness Volunteers2:42. £0.79

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