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Scottish Dances Vol.9

Sandy Legget & the Carseloch Ceilidh Band


Catalogue Number: HRMCD509
Barcode: 5031642050929
Running Time: 68 mins.

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1) Soldier's Joy - Reel 8 x 32:Soldier's Joy - Speed the Plough - The Rose Tree - The Mason's Apron - The Dawn Express - Mrs.MacLeod of Raasay - Fairy Dance - The De'il Amang the Tailors
2) Blue Bonets - Jig 8 x 32:Blue Bonnets - MacLeod of Mull - Marchall Crescent - Ballochmyle
3) Gypsy Glen - Strathspey 3 x 32 Scottish Ramble - The Marquis of Huntly - The Dean Strathspey
4) The Deveron Reel - Reel 4 x 40:The Deveron Reel - Lord Randall's Bride - Jack's Delight - The New High Level
5) Rory O"More - Jig 8 x 32:Rory O"More - The Connaughtman's Rambles - Welcome To Cork - The Swallow's Nest - The Blackthorn Stick - The Kesh Jig - The Rakes of Kildare - Over the Sea
6) A Man's A Man For A' That - Strathspey 8 x 32:A Man's A Man For A' That - Duncan Gray - There Was A Lad Was Born In Kyle - Comin' Thro' the Rye - Corn Rigs - Green Grow the Rashes O - Scots Wha Ha'e - Auld Lang Syne
7) Dance of Diamonds - Reel 8 x 32:James Forrester Rankine - The Telephone Box - Donny the Post - Ian Peterson's Compliments to Jack Delaney
8) Bonnie Dundee - Jig 8 x 32:Bonnie Dundee - Christie MacLeod - Norvern House - The Man From North Connel
9) Frae A' the Airts - March 8 x 16/16:The Countess of Cassillis Strathspey - The Galway Hornpipe - Earl Gray - The Rocket Hornpipe - Mrs.Oliphant of Condies - Aldridge's Hornpipe - Lady Spencer Chichester - Qumdaro - Niel Gow - Cooper's Hornpipe - Willie Cook - The Victoria Hornpipe - Lady McKenzie of Coul - Miss Brown - Mr.Douglas of Springwood park - The Miller's Hornpipe
10) Rothesay Country Dance - Jig 8 x 48:Dumfries House - The Pomander Jig - Mrs.Elizabeth Adair - Princess Margaret's JIg - The Coldside Jig - The Cornerhouse Jig - Joe Foster's Jig - Mrs.Stewarts' Jig of Bombay
11) The Meeting of the Waters - Reel 8 x 48:The Meeting of the Waters - The Rose of Allandale - Musselburgh Common Riding - Melrose - Auld Selkirk - Peebles - Hawick Queen o' A' the Borders - Jethart's Here
12) Stirling Castle -Strathspey 4x32:
Stirling Castle - South of the Grampians - John Stephen of Chance Inn - Margaret's Fancy
13) Farewell to Crumlin - Jig 4 x 32:The Royal Captives - Jim Kennedy's Jig - Cavehill - The Jig Runrig
14) Swiss Lassie - Reel 8 x 32:Brumley Brae - Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel - The Islay Ranters' Reel - The Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to Shetland - The Calgary Fiddlers Welcome to Shetland - Alec Sone's Reel - Tam Lin - Bert Murray The Fiddler



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