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First Footing - A Beginners Guide To Ceilidh Dances

The Riverside Ceilidh Band

Lismor Recordings

Released: 1994
Catalogue Number: LCOM5241
Barcode: 5014818524127
Running Time: 59 mins.

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1The Riverside Ceilidh BandGay Gordons: All The Way To Galway, The 72nds. Farewell to Aberdeen, The 51st. Highland Division, Far O'er The Sea, Lord Lovat's Lament3:02. £0.79
2The Riverside Ceilidh BandGay Gordons (Encore): Murdo's Wedding, Loch Ruan, The Earl Of Dalhousie, The Stonehaven March3:17. £0.79
3The Riverside Ceilidh BandStrip The Willow: Donald MacLean, Walking The Floor, Donella Beaton3:16. £0.79
4The Riverside Ceilidh BandStrip The Willow: Jackson's Bottle Of Claret, Campbell's Frolic, Peggie's Wedding, Come Under My Plaidie, John Grumlie2:50. £0.79
5The Riverside Ceilidh BandDashing White Sergeant: The Original, Maxwell's Rant, The Banks O'Clyde, A Trip To Bavaria2:54. £0.79
6The Riverside Ceilidh BandDashing White Sergeant (Encore): La Russe, Lord Randall's Bride, Fidget, Jessie's Hornpipe, The Seige Of Ennis2:52. £0.79
7The Riverside Ceilidh Band&Tom LaurieSong: The Rose Of Allandale4:10. £0.79
8The Riverside Ceilidh BandMilitary Two Step: Ellenor, Mrs. Lily Christie2:32. £0.79
9The Riverside Ceilidh BandMilitray Two Step (Encore): Portree Bay, Lyndhurst2:30. £0.79
10The Riverside Ceilidh BandPride Of Erin Waltz: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Sweet Rosy O'Grady, Peggy O'Neil, The Country Of Armagh3:03. £0.79
11The Riverside Ceilidh BandPride Of Erin Waltz (Encore): The Green Glens Of Antrim, Teddy O'neil, The Gentle Maiden3:03. £0.79
12The Riverside Ceilidh BandEightsome Reel: Come Let Us Dance And Sing, Waves Of Tory, Canadian Reel, St. Columba's Sword, Loch Torridon, Whelan's Hornpipe, Buffalo Gals, Canadian, The Rakes Of Mallow, Come Let Us Dance And Sing8:11. £0.79
13The Riverside Ceilidh Band&Tom LaurieSong: The Lass Of Glenshee4:30. £0.79
14The Riverside Ceilidh BandHighland Schottische: The Boys Of Bluehill, Traditional Hornpipe, Galway Hornpipe2:26. £0.79
15The Riverside Ceilidh BandHighland Schottische (Encore): Iain's Barn, Bonnie Belle Schottische, Hen's March, Madame Boneaparte3:16. £0.79
16The Riverside Ceilidh BandSt. Bernhard's Waltz: The Cradle Song, Our Highland Queen, The Piper's Weird3:09. £0.79
17The Riverside Ceilidh BandSt. Bernhard's Waltz: Comin' Thro' The Rye, The Auld Meal Mill, The Auld Hoose, Annie Laurie3:08. £0.79
18The Riverside Ceilidh BandCanadian Barn Dance: Donald MacLean's Farewell To Oban, Morag Ramsay3:30. £0.79
19The Riverside Ceilidh BandCanadian Barn Dance: The Highland Wedding2:28. £0.79

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John Carmichael acts as the caller and briefly talks through the steps at the top of each dance before the band comes in with force. The booklet also has dance instructions.
The dances have an 'encore' (a second round) the exception being The Eightsome Reel where you're too tired for an 'encore. And for a wee rest there are a couple of lovely songs from Tom Laurie.
No excuses then!!



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