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The World Pipe Band Championships 2009 - Vol.2

Various Artists - Pipe Bands


Released: 22nd September 2009
Catalogue Number: CDMON881
Barcode: 611454088126
Running Time: 63 mins.

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1Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl (P/M A Cramb)MSR: Colin Thomson- Atholl Cummers - Mrs MacPherson of Inveran 4:29. £0.79
2Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl (P/M A Cramb)Medley: Pipe Major Sandy Spence, Atholl Highlanders - Ronan Sicard’s Jig - Moonlight on the Heather - Alex’s Haircut - Reverie - Pipe Major Sandy Gordon etc. 6:33. £0.79
3Fife Constabulary (P/M J Murray)MSR: The Highland Wedding - Susan MacLeod - Mrs MacPherson of Inveran 4:43. £0.79
4Fife ConstabularyMedley: The Wellington Police Pipers in Australia - A A Cameron - Mrs Donald McPherson - Rab’s Reel - The Brolum - The Eden Air - The Old Wife of the Milldust etc.6:06. £0.79
5Manawatu Scottish (P/M S McKenzie)MSR: The Clan Macrae Society - Atholl Cummers - McAllister’s Dirk 5:08. £0.79
6Manawatu Scottish Society (P/M S McKenzie)Medley: The Road to Lipetsk - The Unfaithful Lover - Donald MacLean - Poyntzfield - The Lads of Kilmarnock - Annie Grant - Busindre Reel etc.6:21. £0.79
7Cullybackey (P/M A McGregor)MSR: The Clan Macrae Society - Susan MacLeod- John MacKechnie 4:41. £0.79
8CullybackeyMedley: Web Culture - Strathspey King - Balmoral Castle - Cameron’s Promise- Penultimatum - Midnight Walk etc.6:11. £0.79
9Ballycoan ( P/M G Cupples ) MSR: Clan Macrae - Susan MacLeod - John MacKechnie 4:51. £0.79
10BallycoanMedley: From Maui to Kona - Isabelle Blackley - A Dram Before Ye Go - Azie’s Air - A A Cameron - Shirley Bow of Aberfoyle - Silver Spear etc.6:46. £0.79
11Dowco Triumph Street (P/M D Hilder) MSR: The Highland Wedding - Maggie Cameron - Pretty Marion 5:11. £0.79
12Dowco Triumph StreetMedley: Old Triangle - Haitian Sensation - John MacDonald’s Exercise - 1-5 Boogie - Rodney Hull QC - Cluny’s Strathspey etc.6:12. £0.79
13Australia Highlanders (P/M D Boyle)MSR: Colin Thomson- Blair Drummond - John Morrison of Assynt House 4:31. £0.79
14Australia HighlandersMedley: Superdry- The Fuddler - Boyle Boys- MacCrimmon Will Never Return - John Murchison - The Lads of Kilmarnock etc. 6:34. £0.79

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The best of the rest in Grade One, the best pipe bands in the World. Another 7 bands who, on another day, might just have been in the prizes.


Robert Wiseman Dairies Vale of Atholl
Fife Constabulary
Manawatu Scottish Society
Dowco Triumph Street
Australia Highlanders



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