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Ceolry - Live at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band

Monarch @ KRL

Released: 15th February 2015
Catalogue Number: CDMON896
Barcode: 611454089628
Running Time: 69mins.

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1Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandHornpipes: Mrs Lillian Magee /White MountainWeasel / The Ramnee Ceilidh3:04. £0.79
2Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandMabou Jig Set: Ronald Mackenzie of Milton & Mabou / Archie McNab / 9/8 Jig / The Judges Dilemma3:40. £0.79
3Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band and Rachel WalkerGaelic Songs: FraochARonaigh / Thug Mi Gaol Dhut, Thug Mi Gradh / Hi Ho Leagain7:29. £0.79
4Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandSolo Pipe Set: McKerrals Fancy / Barry Brougham’s Beard / Doctor MacPhail’s Reel / Back of the Moon / Banjo3:44. £0.79
5Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandGaelic March Set: Morag Leat Shiubhlainn / Mal Na Mara / The Road to Loch NamBairneas / Hug Oreann O Ro Gur Toigh Fhin Thu3:06. £0.79
6Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandDrummers Fanfare: The Front Row Duck7:35. £0.79
7Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandStrathspey&Jig Set: Back to Glasgow and Back to BackAgain / Bridge to Jig / Miss Campbell of Sheerness / The Eavesdropper / The Humours of Whiskey / OldWomans Dance / The Shepherd and Goatherd / The Gathering4:26. £0.79
8Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandSlow Reel: Farley Bridge5:44. £0.79
9Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandSlow Air, Strathspey & Reel Set: Lightly Swims the Swan / Miss Victoria Ross /Miss Victoria Ross / Lady Margaret Stewart / Port A Beul / Lord McConnell of Lough Erne & Lochend.6:52. £0.79
10Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandSolo Pipe Set: The Silver Creek / Bernera Bridge / Nightmare on Ringhaddy Avenue / A' Direadh 'sa Tearadh na Beinne Moire4:24. £0.79
11Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band and Rachel WalkerWW1 Set : The Battle of the Somme / Letter to his Lover / WW1Waltz / An Eala Bhan10:30. £0.79
12Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandSet of Reels: He Man Do / The Traditional Reel / The Pitnacree Ferryman / Screapadal Schottishe / Quirang Quickstep / Sandy Cameron / Sandy Duff / He Man Do7:45. £0.79
13Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band6/8March: AuldAdam0:39. £0.79
14Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandGaelic Song: Thoir Mo Shoraidh Thar Ghunnaidh4:28. £0.79
15Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandFinishing Reels: Caber Feidh / Alick C. MacGregor2:27. £0.79
16Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe BandWorld’s Medley: Joe MacKenzie / Flora MacIsaac / I Have It Somewhere / Aodann Strathbhain / The Hillocks of Fernmore / Sabhal Mor Ostaig / We’re A Case the Bunch of Us / Tagdhan Ross / The Foxhunters6:18. £0.79

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Another name for the increasingly successful 'Strathclyde Police Pipe Band'. And we will probably get pulled over for saying that!!
The pre-World's concert generally comes up trumps and this 2014 concert was no exception.
NOTE: There are three extra tracks available in the downloads.


Pipe Major: Duncan J.Nicholson
Pipe Sergeant: Iain MacPherson
Lead Drummer: Eric Ward
Solo Pipers: Scott Barrie & Scott Giffin
Rachel Walker - Vocals (Tk.3&11)
Allan Henderson - Keyboards
Ewan Robertson - Guitar
James Lindsey - Bass
Michael MacNeil - Keyboard



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