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The World Pipe Band Championships 2012 Part 1

World Pipe Band Championships


Released: 10th October 2012
Catalogue Number: DVMON118
Barcode: 611454011896
Running Time: 77 mins.

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1Kyle WarrenIntro: MacPherson's
2Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia (P/M Ross Walker) MSR : The Abercairney Highlanders /Susan MacLeod / John Morrison of Assynt House
3Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia (P/M Ross Walker) Medley: Campbell's Tartan Army / The Boys of the Lough / Seonaidh's Air /Seonaidh's Tune / The York Reel / Glasgow Police Pipers
4Field Marshal Montgomery (P/M Richard Parkes MBE)MSR: Balmoral Highlanders / John Roy Stewart / Charlie's Welcome
5Field Marshal Montgomery (P/M Richard Parkes MBE)Medley: Beverley's Wedding / John Patterson's Mare / Sparky Cherry / MacLeod's Oran Mor / Fiddler's Joy / The Lads of Kilmarnock / Tommy and Ronnie's Double Tonic / The Train Journey North
6Dowco Triumph Street Canada (P/M David Hilder) MSR: Dugald MacColl's Farewell to France / Atholl Cummers / Pretty Marion
7Dowco Triumph Street Canada (P/M David Hilder) Medley: Captain Carswell / Alan MacPherson of Mosspark / The Haitian Sensation/ Stablia Slow Air / Maggie Cameron / Mrs Martha Knowles / Stablia Reel / Stablia Reprise/ McMac Diddle
8Peel Regional Police Canada (P/M John K Cairns) MSR: Lord Alexander Kennedy / Islay Ball / Pretty Marion
9Peel Regional Police Canada (P/M John K Cairns) Medley: Graham Brown / Betty MacLeod's Travel Step / Ardara House Air/ Secure Ambition Air / Inspector Gavin Francis / Brittany Victoria Cairns / Secure Ambition Air / Rory MacLeod / Secure Ambition Jig
10Inveraray & District (P/M Stuart Liddell)MSR: David Ross of Rosshall / Tulloch Castle / The Smith of Chilliechassie
11Inveraray & District (P/M Stuart Liddell)Medley: Ceilidh Lines / Let the Cold Wind Blow (Bridge) / The Handshaker / Steve Byrne's Jig / Let the Cold Wind Blow / Miss Drummond of Perth / Stirling Castle / John Morrison of Assynt House / Alick C MacGregor
12Fife Constabulary (P/M Andrew Mathieson)MSR: The Highland Wedding / Dora MacLeod / The Sheepwife
13Fife Constabulary (P/M Andrew Mathieson)Medley : Iain Ruaridh's Lament / Iain Ruaridh's Lament Jig / Humours of Whiskey / Dr Flora MacAuley, Carradale / The Banks of the Lee / Caledonian Society of London / Lady McKenzie of Gairloch / Sleepy Maggie / Tail Toddle / Midnight Oil
1478th Fraser Highlanders Canada (P/M Douglas MacRae)MSR: Jimmy Young / Blair Drummond / Charlie's Welcome
1578th Fraser Highlanders Canada (P/M Douglas MacRae)Medley: The Guelph Line / Silver Creek / Farewell to Pass Street / Haydee Grant / Greyfriar's Julie / Ca the Ewes / Farewell to Pass Street
16Kyle WarrenMarch Past: MacPhersons
The annual 'Super Bowl' of the Pipe Band world. Bands from 3 continents compete to win the coveted title.
Again this year we have the recordings from Grade One presented in real playing order, straight from the field.
Besides the playing points are also awarded for 'presentation' so you have something extra to do here besides simply listening.


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