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WilloS' was born in 2001.
Now the project is a musical journey from the Mediterranean to Ireland and the States.
An alchemical formula mixing traditional Irish and American styles, mediterranean sounds, original ideas and jazz.
A music that is difficult to label, always different and full of suprises, but perfect for any audience .


Stephanie comes from Belfast, the Irish culture and Traditional music for her is her home and heart. She' s been living in Italy for six years. She' s originally a classically trained violin player having studied at the City of Belfast School of Music. Nowadays, she' s trying to find her own unique interpretation of folk music, through Jazz and also with the influence and support of her fiddle teacher Athena Tergis, a master of celtic fiddle styles, to help find a personal style that could bring new edge to the band' s future projects.


Originally from Georgia (USA), Alice Reynolds, a vocalist and actress, received her BFA in acting from Florida State University in 1986 where she studied voice with John Franceschina , as well as, having the opportunity to study with Joseph Papp (New York Shakespeare Festival), Raul Julia, Roger Rees (Royal Shakespeare Company), and Nigel Rideout (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). For the past 10 years she has devoted herself almost exclusively to singing and her musical experience encompasses a variety of styles including jazz, blues, gospel, and American and European folk music. She continues to perform in many clubs and festivals in Italy and Europe and the US. Alice has been a teacher in the course for singers at the Siena Jazz Foundation since 2004.

LORENZO DEL GRANDE Bass flute, Flutes

A classical flute player, Lorenzo works mainly with chamber music groups, with a repertoire based on contemporary music. During his studies he met Thomas Doorley, a flute player from the dublin-based band Danú, who took him on the path to irish traditional music buying him his first wooden flute. Later he learnt from the support of great traditional flute players like Desy McGuire, Sam Murray and Muireann Nic Amhloaibh. In 1996 he joined a band named Banda Gioli along with five other musicians and in the summer of 2003 he joined Will o' the Wisp. From 2001 he teaches flute at the Musical Lyceum "A. Passacaglia" in Lucca

LUCA MERCURIO Folk guitar, Bouzouki

Without a doubt, Luca is the most eclectic member of the group. He began playing piano at 10, then he became a guitar player and vocalist in a heavy metal band. For a few years he was the pianist of the blues band Boris & the Spiders, while attending improvisation lessons at Siena Jazz. In the winter of 2005 he attended the "Frankie Kennedy Winter school" in Donegal, where he deepened his knowledge of bouzouki with Paul Doyle, renowned instrument-maker and member of the band "Providence". At the same time he met accordion player Martin Tourish, with whom he developed an interesting collaboration. He was a pupil of Klauss Lessmann, and this experience inspired many of the arrangements in Working Men.

GIULIO PUTTI Bodhràn, Djenbè, Cajon, Darbouka, Percussions

Coming home from a journey in Ireland, Giulio found himself besotted with Ireland and its traditions. He began studying the bodhràn and, thanks to previous experiences as a drummer and his studies at Siena Jazz, he soon became a very good player. In 2003, on a winter evening, Ray Gallen, a well known musician from Belfast, said to him: "If anybody asked me who' s the best bodhràn player in Ireland, I' d say ...."it' s me"..... but your style' s so close to mine...!!" Among his teachers Vittorio Schiboni, who played in the soundtrack for the Scorsese' s movie Gangs of New York. Nowadays Giulio is studying various ethnic instruments with Ettore Bonafè ( Riccardo Tesi' s percussionist) of whom he has been a student for the last few years.




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