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Paul Kelly


Biography (Courtesy of the Artist's 'My Space' site, 2007)
(Web page is under construction).

Although he had played with and gained the respect of many of the countries top traditional musicians as a teenager, Paul first came to prominence in 1983 as the fiddler with The Sackville String Band, a five piece bluegrass outfit who brought American Traditional music to a wider audience in Ireland and who had the legendary Doc Watson, Bela Fleck and Mark O Connor among many others as guests at their regular Dublin gigs.
Throughout the 80's he concentrated on American Music playing with various bands such as Mick Hanlys Rusty Old Halo and the Fleadh Cowboys as well as appearing on many albums as a session musician. The Fleadhs were very successful in the late eighties touring extensively and supporting such artists as The Pogues, Bob Dylan and U2.

He returned to his roots in the early nineties as a member of The Sharon Shannon Band, playing fiddle and mandolin and touring the U.S., Europe and the U.K. He also recorded with Sharon and appeared on the hugely successful Late Late Show special dedicated to the Clare accordion wizard.

In 1998, he changed direction again by starting his own record company, Malgam.. Music, whose aim is to harness the current trends in traditional music while adding the new sounds that Jazz and World Music are bringing to the tradition.

Already the company has six albums on the shelves including Pauls own solo offering a mandolin album of which Hot Press said:

with this record Paul Kelly has yet again redefined the scope and beauty of the mandolin.

Its difficult to discriminate between one track and another so singularly outstanding is this album..

Paul currently plays regularly with ex De Dannan singer Eleanor Shanley, ex Fleadh Cowboys singer Frankie Lane, makes regular appearences with Jerry Fish and The Mudbug Club and is a member of turbo tradsters The David Munnelly Band, with whom he regularly tours America. This year he played with The Munnelly Band at The Milwaukee Irish Music Festival. Skagen Festival in Denmark, and Dranouter Festival in Belgium.




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