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Meg Davis


From the CD Booklet " The Claddagh Walk "

You could be forgiven for asking why an American singer with a Welsh name has recorded an album of traditional Irish music for a Scottish company. In fact Meg Davis has worked with many of the finest Irish musicians around for many years now. She appears regularly with Joe Burke, the legendary button accordion player from Galway, and piper Mike Cooney as part of the Joe Burke Trio. These, and many others, have had tremendous admiration for Meg's singing style, a style which they themselves have influenced.

Meg is also a songwriter of distinction. A winner of The Best Young American Songwriter Award, she has recorded several albums of her own music which has become popular with fans of science-fiction and Fantasy. The Washington Post described one of these, " Captain Jack and the Mermaid " as one of the most refreshing and brave new albums in a long time.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Meg traces her interest in traditional music to the time spent with her grandparents, her grandmother being from a Scottish/Irish family. Having taught herself the guitar, she learned a great deal about Irish music from the late Michael Kennedy. She has been singing Irish and Scottish songs alongside her own music ever since, in a career which has led to appearances with such diverse musicians as Bill Monroe, Danny Doyle, Alan Stivell, Doc Watson, Pete Seeger and Peter Yarrow.

Meg now lives in Glasgow, Scotland for much of the year " enjoying the free air-conditioning ", although she still returns to perform in the U.S regularly. This is her first album of traditional music, eagerly awaited by her many fans. Most of the songs are Irish but a few Scottish airs have crept in with some original material, including Megs own song " The Claddagh Walk " which gives the album its title.

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