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Malachi Cush


November 2007 saw the release of Malachi’s third studio album New Day. Following the success of his debut album Malachi in 2003 and the self-penned single Just say You Love Me which proved to be a huge hit in Thailand, Malachi was delighted to have the opportunity to record more of his own material.

Premier Music invited Joanne Cash, sister of the legendary Johnny Cash, to make a trip over to Ireland and join Malachi as his special guest on the album tour. He co- wrote the song Blessed Be the One with composer and arranger Garth McConaghie and recorded with Joanne at Amberville studios in NI during her visit. Malachi joined Joanne in Nashville in April 2008 to promote the song which entered the NCM worldwide chart in the number one spot.

In 2007 the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice called upon Malachi to help raise much needed funds. He co-wrote and recorded the single The Gift which he donated to the charity and continues to support them in every way possible.

He took great pleasure in the release of Celtic Heartbeat in 2005. Having grown up in Co. Tyrone steeped in traditional Irish folk music alongside one brother and three sisters, this was the music closest to his heart. It proved to be a great favourite across Irish shores and continues to sell throughout Europe and the USA.

With the fourth album Malachi has returned once again to his musical roots.The twelve track album includes well known favourites such as Spanish Lady, County Tyrone, arranged as a ballad, and I Wish My Love was a Red,Red Rose alongside the more obscure Lover’s Heart, The Creel and The Soldier’s Farewell. Malachi is joined on the album by Donegal songbird Deirdre Bonner on track 3, Ned of the Hill and track 9, Peggy Gordon. The combined talents of Plunkett McGartland and Brendan Monaghan, two of the finest traditional musicians in Ireland, add something very special to the arrangements and recording of every song. Plunkett and Brendan have worked with Malachi on the traditional music stage for several years and the shared enthusiasm and feel for this genre has naturally transported to the album.

Malachi’s warm personality and ability to connect with the public has also drawn the attention of the media. His popularity was acknowledged by the reward of most popular radio presenter from the readers of Big Buzz magazine for the second time last year. He currently hosts his own daily prime-time radio show on Six FM and the Sunday morning Jukebox.

Malachi looks forward to what the future may hold for him. One thing is certain, his love of music and ability to win audiences over with his dulcid tones and generous personality will keep him focused on his musical career

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