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Dog Big and Dog Little


From the CD Booklet " Dog Big and Dog Little "

Dog big and Dog Little are the local names of the two hills that lie between the villages of Kiltylocher in North Leitrim and Derrygonnelly accross the border in County Fermanagh. Both Ben Lennon and Seamus Quinn are native to this region.

Ben Lennon spent a number of years in Limerick and Cork and he now lives in retirement in Rossinver in his native Leitrim. Born into a musical family, he has been playing the fiddle since he was ten years old. His brother Charlie, is also a well-known musician.
Seamus Quinn is from Derrygonnnelly and began his musical career playing the acccordion . Changing to the fioddle, Seamus developed an interest in the recordings of the Sligo-Leitrim musicians who flourished in the 1920s and 30s in America. His own playing incorporates much of the lonesome, lilting lift that those great musicians brought to their music.
A native of Fermanagh, Gabriel McArdle was born in Kinawley and now lives in Enniskillen. At the age of twelve Gabriel learned to play the melodion and started singing in his early twenties. He is now widley recognised as one of Ireland's finest traditional singers and has a large repertory of songs, many of which he learned from older generation of Fermanagh singers.
Ciaran Curran is perhaps best known for his work as a member of the band Altan. He is from Kinawley and he started playing music in his early teens. Ciaran is acknowledged as a sensitve accompanist.

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