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Keeping the emphasis firmly on the Gaelic culture, Dàimh play a very high energy, fast flowing mixture of tunes and songs from the traditions of their countries represented. Each band member brings their own individual style to the music, creating a band with their own unique sound and at the same time highlighting the relationships between the different countries. Several members of the band are already well acclaimed within the Scottish music scene as session musicians and tutors much in demand all over Scotland.

Colm O' Rua (banjo, mandola)
Colm hails from Dublin, Ireland and has been playing the banjo throughout Australia, North America and the Continent for the last 18 years. A multi-talented musician and prolific composer, he also plays whistle and mandola and writes many of the band's tunes. Since his arrival in Scotland 7 years ago he has played with Fergie MacDonald, Eat the Donkey and Allan MacDonald's Ais Eirigh and featured on numerous recordings and TV appearances. Colm is a fluent Scottish Gaelic speaker.

Gabe MacVarish (fiddle)
Californian born Gabe McVarish was twice winner of the All American junior fiddle championship before returning back to his ancestral homeland of Morar in the west highlands. His playing in Europe, California and Nigeria has earned him the reputation of being one of the hottest tickets in the fiddling world. Currently studying traditional music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Gabe has played with Dibidil, Phamie Gow and is much sought after for playing for dances on the west coast and the islands.

Ross Martin (guitar)
Ross was immersed in wild, west coast dances and sessions from an early age. His driving yet sensitive guitar playing has made him one of the highest regarded accompanists on the scene today. He learned his trade in Hebridean and west highland dance halls and has gone on to tour the world extensively with Tabache, Fred Morrison and Ceolas and has performed with Deaf Shepard, Liz Doherty and ex Battlefield Band member Iain MacDonald. Ross is also much in demand for session work and TV.

Angus MacKenzie (Highland pipes, Border pipes)
Angus grew up playing the pipes and speaking Gaelic in Mabou, Cape Breton Island. Coming from such a musically rich area it's no surprise that he went on to win many of the most prestigious competitions in North America, both as a solo piper and as Pipe Major of St. Anne's Gaelic College Pipe Band. Having moved on from competition piping, Angus' unique style has been attracting attention from all areas of the musical world as he is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest pipers to be heard.

James Bremner (bodhran)
James is a native of Morar and when he is not gracing the dance floors he is on stage with the band playing the bodhran. His delicate and intricate rhythm weaves between the other instruments and binds the whole sound together. Musically and craic wise James is acknowledged as the driving force behind the band.

Since this was written Calum Angus MacMillan has joined the line-up on Vocals.
AND the band has a web page 'coming soon' so the biog update should surface then.

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