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Bobby Brown


From the CD Booklet " The Great Cape Breton Fiddle Company "

Much has been written over the years about Bobby Brown. From his birth, in 1941 in Dennyloanhead, to his great musical successes with Stan Hamilton, John Allan Cameron and his own 'Scottish Accent' band.
Many a prestigeous his now native Canada, would be considered 'incomplete' without the inclusion of his talented players on the bill, or more likely, bringing the event, regardless of the size, to a fitting end, whether at a formal ball or at an exuberant ceilidh.

Perhaps, though , people have missed the true greatness of Bobby Brown. Whether as 'The Scottish Accent' or in the persona adopted on this album of 'The Cape Breton Fiddlers', Bobby Brown was one of the first, certainly in U.K. terms, to make the music world aware of the fact that the growing nation of Canada had, at last, something to say for itself and that as a musical force could no longer be ignored.

Bobby Brown fought and cajoled to get exposure for 'his style'of music not only in Canada but, firstly to sceptical, but latterly tremendously enthusiastic audiences throughout the U.K. and in Europe ( where yjey regularly represent Canada ). The Scottish audiences ( and artists ) were a bit taken aback that such a wonderful dance band style, with the 'lilt' that reminded them of the great Scottish dance bands, should, in fact, be Canadian.

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