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Bi Beo


Bi Beò has developed into something unique and original in the musical scene from the Hebrides. Their music is like no other and the sound is certainly unique.Bi Beo has just had their music selected by the new internet Tv channel "Green travel guides" to promote green tourism and saving the planet and will be streamed across the world to many new audiences. For a band that came onto the scene just 6 months ago Bi Beo have played at 4 major festivals in Iceland, Ireland, Barra and South Uist .Bi Beo thrive on creating original music and lyrics and never perform the same set list twice and always have new material written for gigs and festivals. Bi Beo means "to live life" and the band certainly demonstrate that on stage with their huge amount of energy and sound and desire to inspire people to dance and enjoy life.

Bi Beò came onto the Gaelic music scene in March 2007 and have already gained the reputation as being the kind of musical injection that Gaelic needs from those in the know. When the founding members of the band, James MacLetchie and Kevin De Las Casas got together they initially played out a few tunes and songs before eventually discovering the sound of Bi Beò.

Bi Beò means "to live life" and the music of the band certainly reflects that feeling with many of their tracks being upbeat and full of the fun of life. Of course there is more traditional styled music and songs in their repertoire which reflect the moods of life and the sentiments felt through living in a peripheral location at the edge of the Atlantic.

You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks from this artist using the player below.




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