Scotia's Gold

Norma Munro
Norma Munro

Catalogue Number: WEE002
Barcode: 5014818809125
Running Time: 51mins.

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You can listen to short samples from some of the tracks on this album using the player below.

1Scotia's Gold2:33Play £0.79
2Come By the Hills3:06Play £0.79
3The Sound of the Sea.2:58Play £0.79
4Gabriel & Me.2:46Play £0.79
5The Rigs o' Rye.2:29Play £0.79
6Dance To Your Shadow.2:01Play £0.79
7Geordie.2:51Play £0.79
8Let It Be.3:14Play £0.79
9Skye Boat Song.4:01Play £0.79
10The Summer of '46.3:16Play £0.79
11Tiree Love Song.3:01Play £0.79
12Eriskay Love Lilt.2:03Play £0.79
13The Ballad of Blind Mattie.4:16Play £0.79
14The Dark Island.3:13Play £0.79
15The Water Is Wide.3:27Play £0.79
16Catch the Wind.2:56Play £0.79
17The Conemara Cradle Song.3:13Play £0.79