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The Singing Campbell's


From the CD Booklet " The Singing Campbells "

Even in exile, Aberdeen singers continue the tradition. The Singing Campbell family, now resident in Birmingham, supply proof of this. On this recording they range through the spectrum of folk-song as it is still to be found in the North-East. They give us street songs, love songs, bothy songs, and of course, the great ballads of tradition.
Representing the first generation are Betty and Dave, Aberdonians born and bred, who provide some of the songs they learned during their youth in Aberdeen. Dave, whos father came of Caithness crofting stock, was a farm servant for a short spell about 30 years ago and it was then that he developed the fine ' cornkister ' style he uses for Nicky Tams.Betty supplies a balance with a love song learned in her single days, and lullabies ' tae lull the littluns '- Ian , Lorna and Winnie.

Surrounded by song, the young trio learned fast. School days for Ian did not only bring him the Dux Medal at Powis School. It also provided vernacular diitties such as those he sings here. As a lad Ian didn'd sing outside of the family sing-song. But later, when the skiffle craze was at its height, he formed a skiffle group, from which time dates his great interest in ensemble performance of traditional music.
Lorna, who made her public debut by winning a cinema talent contest at the age of 10 - she sang Bonny Mary of Argyll- and Ian, both gave the high standard of performance expected of them by thousands throughout the country familiar with their singing. But it will come as a surprise to many to hear their lesser-known sister, Winnie, giving gripping performances of Bogies Bonny Belle and the exciting ballad, Lady Eliza.




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