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The Corrs


This biography comes courtesy of and was written by The Corrs Online from scratch. The Corrs Online would like to thank the following third party sources for quotes used: The Irish Independent, The Sunday Independent, Hot Press, Rhythm magazine, The A list mag.
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· Introduction
· The siblings
· Brought up with music
· A dream of stardom
· The Commitments
· The road to stardom
· The breakthrough
· Forgiven Not Forgotten
· Talk On Corners
· Unplugged
· Going on tour
· Conquering the world
· Side projects
· The future


Many many years ago...*
Jim, Sharon, Caroline and Andrea Corr grew up together with their parents, Jean and Gerry Corr, in Dundalk which is situated in Ireland's beautiful County Louth. Dundalk is a small friendly harbour town, situated mid-way between the cities of Dublin and Belfast on the east coast of Ireland. It has a population of around 35,000 and the people who live there are warm and friendly and enjoy nothing more than a pint of Guinness and a chat in the town's many pubs. Music has always been in Dundalk's blood and the local pubs and clubs are known for their live music sessions which are commonly known as "Crack". On most evenings and especially at weekends the people of Dundalk gather in the pubs to enjoy either a band playing rock and pop music or an older style band playing traditional Irish music. It was in this music environment that the Corrs grew up so it was no surprise at all that music was running through the siblings' veins from a very early age. "I don't think there was ever anything else that we really wanted to do then to play music," Andrea explains.

The band's music has meaning and depth and reflects all that both Ireland and Irish music stand for, "I think Irish music reflects something about the Irish people as a whole," says Sharon. "The Irish have a lot of hope, despite all the troubles they've gone through over the years, they've always known how to laugh and have fun. That's where the tradition of up-tempo Irish music and dancing comes from but there's that mystical, haunting sound as well, which I think reflects the Irish environment. I mean, when you get up first thing in the morning, there is literally a mist surrounding everything.

The siblings

Blue-eyed Jim is the oldest of the siblings. He is 1.72m (5'7 3/4") tall, was born on 31 July 1964 and has a star sign of Leo. He was even dreaming of family rock stardom while Andrea and Caroline were still at school and Sharon was working in a record store.

He went to De La Salle Brothers Catholic school but due to his continuing love of instruments his school work suffered and while his sisters were receiving good grades Jim's were poor as his school reports testify. Due to Jim's fascination with electronics he briefly considered taking up electronics as a career, but after attending music college for a short period of time, he decided his heart lies with music.

He comes across as a deep thinker, and is very interested in Philosophy and has often be perplexed by the "meaning of life". His view like that of his sisters is: "If you want something bad enough then make positive moves to get it". Jim is often asked if he is the leader of the band and his answer is always the same, a big NO. Jim is the guy that always has a joke or two in his back pocket, he leaves most of the talking to his sisters, waiting for the right moment to put in a funny comment and giving everybody a good laugh in the process.

Jim is a pure winner, a guy who even from a very early age was destined to be a professional musician of the highest calibre.

Green-eyed Sharon is the second oldest sibling. She is 1.664m (5'5 1/4") tall, was born on 24 March 1970 and has a star sign of Aries. She went to school at the Dun Lughaidh Convent where she was far from the perfect student. She was suspended from school on two separate occasions for skipping lessons and was caught both times. Today she feels her one and only rebellious habit is smoking and her other somewhat addictive pastime is drinking Coffee, something she couldn't do without. During interviews Sharon is very often seen as the chatterbox, the dynamic member of the band answering questions in a long and meaningful way, showing the love and dedication she has for music.

She was once told by a nun at her school that she would be a failure all her life. "I didn't take it seriously at the time and I'm not the kind of person to go 'hey, you said I was a failure and look at me now' ". Sharon is not only diplomatic but is an optimist who always looks on the bright side of any dilemma or problem.

Blue-eyed Caroline is the second youngest of the siblings. She is 1.625m (5'4) tall, was born on 17 March 1973 and has a star sign of Pisces. Caroline was the shyest of the siblings but has become a lot more outgoing since the band turned professional. In interviews she always looks relaxed and friendly while flashing her wonderful smile at the camera. Caroline believes that if you want something bad enough then the best thing to do is to just "go out there and get it" and it's a philosophy she believes in strongly. She has many habits, the worse are maybe sniffing her jumper, which she has stated she does for comfort, and using her mobile phone. Caroline is the ultimate example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Brown-eyed Andrea is the youngest of the siblings.She is 1.556m (5'1 1/4") tall, was born on 17 May 1974 and has a star sign of Taurus. Andrea went to the same school as her sisters the "Dun Lughaidh Convent" and was classed as the brainiest of all the siblings. Being the youngest does have its downside because as she joined the band straight from leaving school, she is often looked upon as the sibling who missed out on her youth and a somewhat normal life. She is known to have a very overactive imagination and a very kind and romantic side. Andrea's worse and most noticeable habit is sucking her thumb, a habit she has always had since being young, another is losing or misplacing things. Andrea has something special, something that could be seen in her many years ago, when the band were trying so hard to get a record deal.

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