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The Auld Reekie Scottish Dance Band


From the CD Booklet " Capital Reels "

A shared love of Scottish music and dancing brought the Auld Reekie Scottish Dance Band together in the 1990s to play for their own pleasure and their friends entertainment at parties, dances, ceilidhs and other functions. For some of them it was a welcome revival of youthful associations and pleasures which for years has had to be put aside because of professional and family responsibilities. For others it was a new musical venture.

Their first recording " Capital Reels" ( aptly named for one by a group which hails from Edinburgh and the Lothians ) reveals the band's enthusiasm for music and dancing in the vigour and verve of the playing, and the selection and arrangement of the well-known dances which it features. It will enhance their growing reputation for getting dancers on the floor.

Encore sets are included for each of the country dances, most of which are arranged for sets of four couples. The choice of tunes reflects the debt which the prsent generation owes to composers of the past ( such as the Gows, Marshall, Scott Skinner and others, known and unknown ) and of the present, like Angus Fitchett and Tom Anderson . And to the bands and their leaders - Jim Cameron,Jimmy Shand, Tim Wright and the Cvendish, to name but a handful- who in the post-war years helped to revive interest in the music and dances of Scotland, which otherwise might have flagged and been swamped by the " pop culture ".
The 80 tunes in the record are drawn from these and other sources , including four by members of the band, and will be sure to provide happy dancing and listening.

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