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Shoormal (Brief Biography courtesy of the Artist�s site, 2006).

Shoormal first formed in 1997 to do a 20 minute set at the 1997 Shetland Folk Festival. Although it started as a bit of a laugh, the collection of eight Shetlanders really enjoyed getting together and haein a fun. The fun has never really stopped but, in addition, the band became more and more interested in song writing and arranging.
Since 1997, Shoormal has gone on to record two albums, have been nominated for best newcomer on Radio 2 Folk Awards and their music has been aired and loved by people all around the world.

Taking a more contemporary slant on folk music, Shoormal draws much of the same inspriation for the music as the tradtitional fiddle-tune writers, that is, their Island home.
If you make your way to the Shetland Islands, you'll may find them rather windy and a often bit bleak, but, if you take time to really look, you'll find the powerful energy of nature, the warmth of genuine people, and a strong spirit of music.

Joyce, Freda and Donna sing primarily in three part harmony has this sound has become key to 'Shoormal'. The remaining five members synergise with the singing to provide rhythm and counter-melody. Trevor and Gordon play acoustic guitar, Gregg plays piano and accordion, Jonathon and Archer copmlete the rhythm section on bass and drums.
The music is very much a team effort and a product of much tea drinking!!!

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