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Pipedown (Brief Biography courtesy of the Artist's site, 2007)

Pipedown are a four-piece band from Scotland combining Bagpipes with Guitar, Mandolin and Percussion
The music draws on Scottish and Irish traditions together with worldwide folk and pipe music.
They are:
Lee Moore
Lee is originally from Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland but has lived in Edinburgh since 1991. He has been playing pipes since the age of eight and has played with several top Grade 1 Pipe Bands.
Lee also teaches Scottish Smallpipes with the innovative ALP Scots Music Group and teaches a Youth Pipe Band in Lauder in the Scottish Borders.
He also plays with Hamish Moore�s piping group �Na Tri Seudan�

Steve Reid
Steve, originally from Fife is now a resident of Glasgow.
Steve also plays guitar with �New Celeste�, a rock and jazz influenced folk band from Scotland with whom he has recorded three albums.
Steve is also learning to play the Highland Bagpipes.

A x e l C a m p b e l l
Axel is originally from the Isle of Harris in the Western Isles, and after several years in Edinburgh he has moved back home.
As the more artistic member of the band Axel is responsible for the cover design of �The First Measure� and it is fairly likely his photography will feature in our forth coming release �Roag�

S t e v e F i v e y
Originally from Denny near Falkirk, Steve now lives in Crossgates in Fife where he has his own pub �Sammy Tams Old Tavern�
Steve is a snare drummer with Denny and Dunipace Pipe Band and also plays kit for 70�s Disco Band �The Midas Touch�

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