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Phamie Gow


Biography (Courtesy of the Artistís site)

"Phamie Gow - remember this name. Harpist, pianist, vocalist, and composer extraordinaire." Rob Weir - Sing out Magazine.

Entertainer or what!!? Phamie Gow, described by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC The Planet) as a 'young prodigy' has more talent than the rest of us put together! Singer, pianist, harpist, composer, accordionist, whistle player ...... when will this list stop? By the age of twenty, two C.D's under her belt, Winged Spirit and Lammermuir and performed with the likes of Alasdair Fraser, Davy Spilane (Riverdance), Eric Rigler (uillean pipes - Titanic, Braveheart) and the list doesn't stop there! Karen Matheson (Capercaillie), Phil Cunningham, Eddie Reader, and many more. Phamie has also formed some beautiful collaborations with harpists around the world such as, Alan Stivell (France), Vincenzo Zitello (Italy), Bajaly Suso (Gambia, Africa), Ravi (England), William Jackson (Scotland).

Winner of the 'Danny award' in Celtic Connections (1999) the 'prix de composition de la ville de Dinan' - composition award 2002 - France, and the Tap Water Award - 'best music act in the Fringe 2002' August 2002. Recent winner of the 'Matt McGinn' award 2003, 'Best newcomer'. Phamie performed in Broadway, New York with many International artists and the living legend Pete Seeger. More recently she was asked to play for his holiness the Dalai Lama, and an audience of 2,500 people.

Awesome, wicked and in - your - face are words used to describe her performances (on the harp). Forget about your preconceptions about the harp being for fairies! In her hands she is pushing forward the frontiers of this ancient instrument. Gone is the ball gown for this hip new harpist. Enter this contemporary virtuoso who takes your breath away with her skill, who is so at one with her instrument that audiences are transfixed, visually as well audibly. She looks quite spectacular as she engages with the instrument controlling a 'harp with attitude', her heels stamping out the beat consumed by the breakneck speed of some reel. Sometimes she is actually playing two melody lines at the same and others she is using the harp as a percussive instrument. She is truly breaking new ground. Gow can write 'a killer tune' wrote Rob Adams, The Herald, 'worthy of a Phil Cunningham or William Jackson master melodicists both'

Whether she is playing in a session with Phil Cunningham or opening for giants such as a Kepa Junkera, or Seamus Heaney and Liam O' Flynne, Main Auditorium, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Phamie Gow is at her happiest performing. Hailed as 'one of Scottish music's most exciting young talents' Sue Wilson, Sunday Herald, Phamie entertains with humour, interest and charm.

This disarmingly charming young musician/composer has been commissioned for film, dance and theatre companies, has taught in workshops, festivals and conservatoires around Europe. Her piano compositions have been used in university studies and concert halls, and Phamie is a guest tutor for piano at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama, where she graduated in 2001. One of Phamie's song was sung by the Young Traditional Musician of the year 2004, James Graham,and is being recorded for his debut album.

And .... a final string to her bow is the new sound of her ensemble, an energetic, dynamic and exciting set up. Phamie works with different musicians all the time to help keep the music always fresh. Just now she has a line up with double bass, drums, perscussion, guitar, and always there are musical guests and new collaborators. One exciting project in the near future is to collaborate with the lead singer from the famous Indie band, Snow Patrol.

She has appeared on 9 different album, and her first C.D 'Winged Spirit' (Wildfire Records) is a solo album which shows Phamie playing harp, piano, accordion, whistles, as well as singing. 'She demonstrates admirable creativity and originality' wrote Aibhlin McCrann and continuing. 'Phamie Gow in this multi - faceted recording has shown that she is a creative force worthy of our attention'.

Critics have described her second album 'Lammermuir' (Greentrax Recordings) as 'a masterpiece of Scottish music' (Willi Rodrian - Radio Lora. Germany). Lammermuir is 'full of sparky originality and sends a tingle up your spine' Catriona Black (Scotsman Gaelic Music Column). This was given a 5 star review from The Scotsman.

Her third album, Dancing Hands (not yet released) demonstrates a new sound, and is very up-lifting, fresh, and accessible. Phamie has chosen to work with 8 different fantastic musicians such as Ricky Steele (double bass), Tom Richardson (guitar), Fraser Fifiled (soprano sax, whistle), James Graham (Yound Tradtional Musician of the year 2004), Mattie Foulds (drums), Andy Webster (guitar), Karine Polwart (voice), and the amazing Spanish percussionist, Javier Villar Morales. There is also a bonus track on the album which is a colloboration with DJ Daniel, and gives an example of another new project which is forming.

Phamie Gow is clearly entertaining us with her never-ending creativity, and we can simply watch, and listen to this space!

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