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Paul Curran


Courtesy of the Artist's Site 2010.

Paul, a Dublin born native, left the security of the famous Coutts Bank in 1979 and formed his first band, Bungle Rye, having moved from London to Bath. In the early eighties he started playing the folk circuit and festivals mainly in the west country of England. In 1997 he turned professional with Brian Leahy, a fellow Dubliner, on piano accordion and Scottish guitarist/ songwriter, Paul McEvoy from "The Boys from County Hell”.
In 2000, with the band split up, Paul decided to base himself in Shanghai where he was resident singer at O'Malleys and played with various touring musicians. His first CD was recorded whilst playing with John Scannell and Shawn Watters under the name "Public House” titled "Deoch an Dorais” or "One for the Road”.
In 2001 he got involved with "The Blarney Stone Irish Pub" in Shanghai and he is still based there. He did a CD in 2003 called "Give Us A Song”. Numbers from this album remain among the most requested at his gigs and it still sells regularly from local outlets.
In 2005, with Allan Cowell, he recorded the well received "Shanghaied”. This received airplay in Ireland, England and Wales. They toured in Ireland in August 2008 playing 15 gigs in 8 counties.
The new CD "The Cow Ate The Piper” though still rooted in the Irish folk tradition is much stronger than anything he has done before in that it embraces many other styles and influences from the musicians he played with over what is now his 30th year in music.
In 2011 Paul will tour in Eastern Canada, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia with gigs in New York, Boston and Chicago also planned. He has just been invited to play in Toronto to complete the tour. Time permitting he will also play a short Irish and UK tour in 2010.
Meantime, he can be found most nights entertaining with his band and visiting musicians at the Blarney Stone bar in the fashionable French Concession area of downtown Shanghai. Paul has become the authentic voice of Irish folk music in that part of the world and attracts regular media attention. Sessions at the Blarney Stone have become legendary, attracting many nationalities, including a growing number of Chinese musicians and fans. Visiting musicians from all over come and seek him out.

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