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Neff Bros


Neff Bros � Biography (Courtesy Artist�s site, 2005)

THE NEFF BROTHERS are an unique duet with a wonderful wealth of traditional music and are amongst most proficient and exciting talents. Mastering the energy of Dance Tunes and the emotion of Slow Airs is the highlight of these multi-award winning traditional musicians and composers. The musical communication between them is wonderful and a delight to witness. Their approach to music offers a great opportunity to see an act that is at the cutting edge of Irish traditional music performed in an informal yet professional setting.

Flaithr� (pronounced �floree�) :

Flaithr�s command on the Uilleann pipes has always drawn attention. He has an impressive technical range creating a good clear sound from chanter, drones and regulators; playing a full set of Alain Froment pipes. As an accomplished champion of both dance tunes and slow airs his confidence and reliability as a piper has made many opportunities for him. His own compositional ability was credited as early as 1998 when he won first prize in the �Leitrim 1798 competition�.

Flaithr� achieved an Honours Music degree (BMus) at the National University of Ireland, Cork, and a First Class Honours Master of Science degree (Msc) in Music Technology at University of Limerick. Throughout his college years his solo, duet and group performances with his brother, Eoghan, remained impressive. He received the highest First Class Honours mark applicable in his final year music performance.

A multi-award winning piper he has performed as soloist on uilleann pipes with symphony orchestras in UK, France, Italy, Ireland for works such as Shaun Davey�s �The Brendan Voyage� and Eddie McGuire�s �L�Epop�e Celtique�. Flaithr� has also performed with Riverdance as well as other dance shows, and on radio and television, both at home and abroad.

Eoghan (pronounced �owen�) :

Eoghan�s fiddle playing is executed with a dynamic technical range. His performance adds incredible drive and power to dance tunes and his slow airs have great depth and sensitivity. Eoghan�s enthusiasm for great music brings him into innovative ensembles, fusing with diverse genres including jazz and Hip Hop. In college he was a member of many ensembles including the traditional fiddle group �Fiddlesticks�.

Eoghan completed a First Class Honours Music degree (BMus) at the National University of Ireland, Cork, receiving the top mark in his final year music performance. During his college years he was awarded various scholarships and awards including the �S�an � Riada Memorial Prize�. Each year he was awarded Department of Music scholarships for attaining the highest mark. UCC awarded him the academic title of College Scholar.

A multi-award winning fiddle player his compositional talent was recognised in 2003 when he was awarded a �Gradam� for his score and musical direction of the play �Selkie�. His improvisations and arrangements for solo fiddle are unique. He has appeared on concert stage, radio and television, both at home and abroad and has toured with Riverdance. Eoghan�s radio programme �NOMAD� on Campus Radio was an invaluable asset to the station. He also wrote a weekly article for the national newspaper �L�.

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