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Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
Biography (Courtesy of the Artist�s site, 2006)

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh (pronounced MWI-ren Nick OWL-eve) was born in 1978. She spent the first nine years of her life on the islands of Inisheer and Cape Clear where her father managed the island co-ops. The family settled in D�n Chaoin in the West-Kerry Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area), a beautiful spot overlooking the Blasket Islands.

Muireann was surrounded by music all her life. Growing up, she was immersed in the vibrant West-Kerry tradition with its wild dance music, soulful slow airs and vast repertoire of songs. Her father, a fiddler, would bring her to music sessions from a young age. There she began to play music on the flute and tin-whistle and to sing sean-n�s (old-style) songs, learning from such wonderful local singers as �ine N� Laoithe, Eil�n N� Chearna and the Begley family. She also attended Siamsa T�re, the National Folk Theatre of Ireland, for several years.
Muireann attended art college in Dublin, earning a Diploma in Fine Art. She subsequently returned to music and was awarded an M.A in Traditional Music from the University of Limerick in 2002.
Muireann toured and performed with various musicians and groups before joining the group Dan� in 2003. In 2004 they won the BBC 2 Folk Award for "Best Group". At the same awards, the song "The County Down" by Tommy Sands that Dan� had recently recorded, won "Best Song". Muireann herself won "Best Singer" at the Awards in 2005. Now a regular contributor to television and radio programmes at home and abroad, she featured prominently in the recent "Highland Sessions" BBC television series, celebrating the best of Irish and Scottish traditional music and song.
Muireann's choice of song reflects her musical interests, varying from traditional Irish to American old-time and contemporary folk.

Rugadh Muireann i 1978. Chaith s� an ch�ad c�pla bliain d� saol in Inis O�rr agus in Oile�n Chl�ire roimh teacht a clann chun socr� i nD�n Chaoin, Co. Chiarra�.__Bh� an t-�dh le Muireann agus � ag �ir� an�os go raibh ceol m�r-thimpeall uirthi i gc�na�. Seinneann a hathair, Feargal, an veidhl�n agus, gan dabht, t� cult�r an-l�idir ceoil agus amhr�na�ochta i gCorca Dhuibhne. Bh�odh Muireann s�ite sna seisi�in i gCiarra� Thiar agus n� fada go raibh s� ag seinnt an fhead�ig mh�ir, an fhead�ig st�in agus ag amhr�na�ocht ar an sean-n�s. D'fhomhlamaigh s� m�r�n � amhr�naithe na h-�ite ar n�s �ine N� Laoithe, Eil�n N� Chearna, P�id� Mh�rthan Mac Gearailt agus Muintir U� Bheaglao�ch. D'fhreastail s� ar Shiamsa T�re i dTr� L� ar feadh ch�pla bliain chomh maith.
Bhain Muireann dipl�ma amach in Eala�n F�ne�lta i 2000 agus M.A. sa cheol traidisi�nta ag Ollscoil Luimn� i 2002.__Bh� Muireann ag seinnt is ag taisteal le an-huid gr�pa� �ags�la roimh di dul leis an ngr�pa Dan� i 2003. An bhliain d�r gcionn bhain Dan� amach an gradam don ghr�pa is fearr ag Gradaim Cheoil BBC 2. Do bhain an t-amhr�n "The County Down", cumtha ag Tommy Sands agus ar a dhein Dan� taifead, an gradam don amhr�n is fearr an bhliain ch�anna. I 2005 bronnadh an gradam don amhr�na� is fearr ar Mhuireann ag Gradaim "". � shin i leith, t� s� ag taisteal ar fud an domhain le Dan�, leis an amhr�nai Albanach, Julie Fowlis, is l�i f�in. Glacann s� p�irt go minic ar chl�racha raidi� agus teilif�se. Le d�ana�, bh� s� p�irteach sa sraith de chuid an BBC, "The Highland Sessions".
C� go bhfanann Muireann d�lis don dtraidisi�n, �ist�onn s� le an-chuid st�leanna cheoil agus amhr�na�ochta. T� s� sin go m�r le brath ins na hamhr�in �ags�la a roghna�onn s� di f�in.

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