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Mr McFall's Chamber


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Robert McFall
2nd violin
Robert McFall is really the founder of the group, its main administrator and arranger, as well as its 2nd violinist. He has been working as an orchestral violinist for twenty years, an experience which finally drove him to the iconoclasm of Mr McFall's Chamber. Having spent many late evenings waiting in smoke-filled Edinburgh nightclubs to help his teenage sons safely home with their heavy equipment from gigs, he finally felt like a piece of the action himself, and formed Mr McFall's Chamber specifically to perform in such venues. This led to the search for and the creation of a repertoire suitable for such occasions, which in turn led him into arranging, composing, not to mention word-processing, personnel management, stage-setting, and a host of other previously undreamed-of skills.

Brian Schiele
Brian Schiele, who plays viola with the group – or, occasionally, violin – is of Argentine and English parentage. He is therefore large and loud (Argentine) as well as polished and precise (English). It can go either way.
After leaving the Royal College of Music in London, where he studied viola with Fred Riddle, he embarked on a career in chamber music, playing with the Auriol Quartet for the best part of a decade. He also freelanced in a number of London-based orchestras, including the Philharmonia (in which Robert McFall also served time) and the London Festival Ballet orchestra, in which he was principal viola. He also performed regular viola and piano recitals.
He still has chamber music links with the South East of England – for example he still plays for the Tagore String Trio. However, since 1994 he has been a member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and, through that, a founder member of Mr McFall’s Chamber – for which he has also written a number of original works and arrangements.

Su-a Lee
Su-a Lee arrived in England from her native Korea when she was one. She and her two sisters all went to Chetham’s Music School in Manchester. On leaving school Su-a was awarded a scholarship to study with Harvey Shapiro at the Juillard School of Music in New York. On graduating, destiny led her quickly to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, which she has used as her base to dive off in many musical directions – jazz, folk, contemporary, electronics, tango and…Mr McFall’s Chamber of course. As the new millennium approached she felt the need to take up a second instrument and chose the musical saw, at which she almost immediately became a virtuoso. Su-a has achieved near-celebrity status in Scotland both through her music-making and through her personal vivacity, beauty and social staying power.

Rick Standley
Rick Standley is one of Scotland’s most versatile bass players – equally at home in jazz and in classical groups. For many years Rick has been principal bass with the orchestra of Scottish Ballet. At the same time he has freelanced with all the other Scottish orchestras. He has been a member of number of jazz and blues groups in Scotland – including Rev Doc and the Congregation, the D S Murray Quartet and Bag ‘O Cats.
Rick lives in North Ayrshire. His hobbies include sailing and gardening. In November ’08 the group premiered his composition “Cycles and Freewheels”.

Graeme McNaught
Graeme McNaught was born in Motherwell. Back in 1986 he was unanimous winner of the first ever Scottish piano competition and prizewinner in the Casagrande International Competition in Italy. He has performed as a soloist and in ensemble with a wide range of artists throughout the UK and in Europe and the Far East. In Scotland Graeme plays with a number of ensembles, including the Chamber Group of Scotland and the Hebrides Ensemble.

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