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Mick Flavin


Biography (Courtesy of the Artistís site, 2007)

Mick Flavin grew up in a thatched farmhouse in Ballinamuck, Co. Longford. Working on a farm and running wild through the fields was a favourite part of this country boy's young life. His early home life was centred around an old record player and this influenced his interest in music and in people like Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Hank Williams and Tex Ritter. On his way to the well for water he always held the bucket over his head so he could hear the reverberation of the sound when he sang.. His first guitar cost the princely sum of £4 and he learned to play it from a Guitar Tutor he bought in Denniston's Music Shop in Longford. From the expertise he acquired playing his guitar and singing, he received an offer at sixteen years of age to play in a local band, which lasted two years. To support his music he acquired a trade and concentrated on qualifying as a carpenter. Based in Dublin, he availed of every opportunity to see his favourite Country and Irish Bands playing at The National, Ierne, Irish Club, Garda Club, etc.
On returning to his native Longford in the mid-seventies Mick secured employment with Longford County Council and sang and played on a part time basis. In May, 1978 the group he played with were invited to the United States for one month. In 1986 following a Charity Night in Cairnhill in Drumlish, Mick was encouraged by Declan Nerney to record his first album. In June of that year they went in to a recording studio in Athlone and put down 10 tracks, which were released at Christmas of the same year. This album was an unprecedented success on the Pirate Radio Stations, which were very popular in Ireland at that time. Success followed, and he recorded with Harmac and Ritz Records recording a total of 12 Albumns and 3 Videos. Silver and Gold Discs are some of the honours Country Music has rewarded him with. This year, 2005, Mick has been nominated for the Country Music Asociation Global Artist Award. This is the first time that an Irish Country Artist has been nominated for this prestigious award and is an indication of the significance of his contribution to Country Music in Ireland and beyond.
Mick is married to Mary and they have two sons.

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