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Marianne Green


Courtesy of the Artists website 2010

Marianne Green’s debut album with Andy Irvine, “Dear Irish Boy”, presents traditional Irish songs from Ulster and especially from Co. Down. Of the 12 tracks on the album, two are written and composed by Marianne Green herself and one by her collaborator and producer, Martin O'Hare. As well as songs in English there are two songs in Gaelic, also from the northern tradition. Co-producing and playing on the album is Andy Irvine, who is an icon in Irish music. He is particularly known to be one of the most innovative forces encapsulating the essence of tradition while adding new time signatures and chords.
Although the music is deeply rooted in Irish traditional music, it is important for Marianne Green to find songs open to her own interpretation. The songs that are not her own, are carefully researched and rarely recorded before. The album is recorded at Spring Records in Rostrevor, Co. Down, N. Ireland where the beautiful and evocative natural surroundings match the environment in which the songs originate.

Marianne Green’s father always played music on the record player, and as a young teenager, she rediscovered his old Irish music albums. That was the beginning of a musical journey that resulted in the EP "By Yonder Town “in 2004 and now the album “Dear Irish Boy” to be released in 2010.
As well as singing, Marianne Green is an Irish step dancer and teacher, working professionally with the dance group "Green Steps" and co-founder of "Dark Green School of Irish Dancing.”




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