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HISTORY�.in brief....(Courtesy of the Artist�s site, 2005)

Band Formed, in October in Col�iste Eoin, Dublin. Boys aged 16/17.They play their first performance on Bray Local Broadcast. First gig is upstairs in Baggot Inn where three people attend. Busking remains a bigger earner.
Line up : Eoin Dillon; Uileann pipes, Colm Mac Con Iomaire; fiddle, Rossa � Snodaigh; Whistle, Bones, R�n�n � Snodaigh; Bodhr�n, Karl Odlum; Bass, Dave Odlum Guitar.

On completing college and beginning practice as physio, Colm � Snodaigh joins for K�las' first Festival in Germany. R�n�n and Dave finish school. By October they performed live 47 times. Art exibition openings, book launches and political gatherings make up many of them.

Rest of the boys finish school, giging continues downstairs in The Baggot Inn, and busking continues as a weekly event. Two busking branches form; tunes at lunch time and hair and guitars at tea time. Band play at 20year school celebration in the National Concert Hall.

Colm gets band to record 11 of his Irish songs for solo Album �ist .

K�la record first 6 track tape Groovin�. Dave Odlum and Colm Mac Con Iomaire leave to join The Frames. Dee Armstrong who had just become a mother to Tiggy joins on fiddle Dave Reidy and Eoin O�Brien join on Electric guitars. Eoin Dillon finishes his cabinet-making course. Band begin playing in The Project where dancers, performers and visuals are first used. Letterkenny International Festival and Clifton Blues Festival

Line up remains minus Dave Reidy to record Handles Fantasy in Bord na Gaeilge . Sound distracts civil servants, so the recording must be done through the night. Eoin begins work with Uileann Pipe maker Cillian � Brian in Dingle.

Handels Fantasy released on Tape. Ciar�n Cahill is recruited to do live sound. Karl leaves to commit more fully with to The Mary Janes. Jazz Bassist, Ed Kelly joins the ranks. R�n�n and Lance tour with Dead Can Dance. R�n�n begins doing Demo�s with Lance in Kerry. Band Do first tour of Germany and also play the Lorient Intercelrique Festival

Band takes 4 weeks to record and mix Mind the Gap in The Works .Brian Hogan is recruited to fill Ed's shoes while he's recovering from tendonitis. Eoin � Brien, and Ed Kelly quit the Band. Eoin Dillon wants out too and moves to Donegal.

Mind the Gap finally released after cover got lost in a computer crash. Colm takes on roll as manager in earnest, Jane power assists. Lance Hogan joins on guitar and drums and Laurence O'Keefe joins on Bass to do sunshine tour of Ireland. Sid Clarke does live sound.

Band buy desk and 1 inch reel to reel to record T�g � go Bog �. Eoin O�Toole offers room in The Mill. With Laurence living in London and Brian Hogan no longer playing with rock band illy whacker, roll of Bass player is offered and accepted by Brian. Mark French of Key Records becomes manager. K�la get first office and first wage.

T�g � go bog � and a single �n Taobh Tuathail Amach are released. Single gets to 24 in charts . Geoffry Perrin comes onboard to do live sound. Brian � Dorn�in designs web site. K�la go to the States for first time to San Fran. K�la�s music is used for feature film Gold on the Streets. Playing Womex in Marseilles brings a plethora of festivals all over the world in the years to come. Diarmaid, Dee�s second child is born.

T�g � go bog � & Mind the Gap are released in Japan through Video Arts&MSI, which brings the band to Tokyo, they also do festival tour of Canada. The band are presented with Cream of Irish Music Award. T�g � goes gold. Band record music for series Hidden Treasures. Vicar St Christmas gig recorded to form basis of K�la Live Album.

To coincide with Down Under release Band do tour of Womad and other festivals in Australia and New Zealand. Tom Skeritt does sound. Licencing deal struck with Green Linnet , they release Tog � go bog �. Studio gear brought down to house in Uachtar �rd to record Lemonade and Buns Simon Taylor engineers. Dee's 3 rd child �L�ghaidh' is born. Lorcan Keogh comes onboard to do live sound. Band also play Womad in England and Spain.

Lemonade & Buns is released, Handels fantasy is re- released, 1000 limited editions of Live at Vicar St. are released. Mark French packs in the job, new offices found and Liz Sheehan takes over administration. Sarah Glenanne steps in before Bernie comes back full time. R�n�n and Simon O'Reily record Tip Toe in Wicklow. Band begin recording Dominick Crawford's compositions, for TV series BallyKissAngel .

Bally K . Project scrapped by producers due to personal differences with composer. Band set up to rehearse in The Mill but must leave as it is put on the market. Band take up Marina Guinness' offer of room attached to her house in Cellbridge . Lorcan returns to recording studio and Tom Skeritt comes onboard to do live sound. Tip Toe is released. Makie Digital equipment is bought. Sept 11 see's cancellation of 2 weeks of gigs in U.S. which gives Band time to record soundtrack for London's Young Vic show Monkey. New offices found in Charlemont St.

Band begin recording Luna Park. Band do west coast and east coast tours in US. Monkey is released much to the bemusement of the k�la fans. Bernie decides to do booking only. Sarah Glenanne comes on again as administrator. K�la win Meteor Award for Best Traditional Music Act.

Pete Dolan comes on board as business manager, Bernie bows out Mattie May makes new Web site and Mic Glossop mixes recordings. Luna Park released May 23rd and gets to 15 in charts, Glanfaidh M� radio single released on May 16th . Band play the Avalon stage in Glastonbury and are commissioned to compose music for Special Olympics opening ceremony. In August Pete Dolan and K�la part company. Sarah and Colm take on management. Handels & Mind The Gap achieve gold status. Band play to 80,000 at the all Ireland hurling final. Luna Park released with new US company WorldVillage, and is also released with Resistencia in Spain. Band finally get to tour Spain.

Band tour in 14 countries on 4 continents. Plankton of Japan release Luna Park and Tonnta R�, while on tour there they play to 40milion viewers on Japans News 23 programme. Among the many festivals were 4 Womads, The Forum Barcelona and Szeigit in BudaPeist. In Taiwan a record company called Jingo releases Luna Park making it 6 territories where K�la have secured licensing deals. Luna Park goes gold in Ireland while Tog � achieves Platinum status. R�n�n releases solo CD Tonnta R� and publishes two books of lyrics in Irish and English, Luascad�n and Songs. R�n�n, Brian, Rossa and Lance become fathers and Ferdia, Sophie, Tarach and Arianne form K�la -The Next Generation. Speakers Square is launched in Dublin by Rossa. K�la Live in Dublin is released on the 22nd of Oct and band do tour of Ireland to wind up an extremely successful year.

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