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Junior Davey


From the CD Booklet " A Sound Skun "

Junior Davey is a wonderful musician, deeply rooted in the musical tradition of south Sligo. Not only is he a compelling performer and a truly exciting bodhran player, he is also an inspirationmal and experienced teacher. Junior is very fortunate to be part of the Coleman couuntry, which is the area of south Sligo, north Roscommon and north-east Mayo, which contains the village Killavil, close to whicj legendary fiddler Michael Coleman ( 1891-1946 ) was born. The area has a strong and rich tradition in music for more than 150 years.

The musical capital in south Sligo is the village Gurteen. Junior Dvey was born in Clooneigh, a townland of Gurteen, on the 12th of October 1966. Junior is the son of Annie and Andrew Davey. Clooneigh has been the native soil for the Davey's for generations. Juniors grandparents on his fathers side, Dominic and Margaret Davey, settled in Clooneigh and built the first of the three Davey-farmhouses there. Dominic was a fiddle player and his wife Margaret played the accordion.Their home was a great meeting place for music and dance in the locality.

As a young man Dominic had worked as a cook in America and got access to a lot of the recordings of Michael Coleman, which he brought back to Clooneigh together with a gramaphone. Junior's family on his mother's side was also steeped in music. Many of them were great lilters and avid followers of the music. Juniors uncle, Ned Keane from Culfadda, was a recognised handstriker in the local area. Handstriking is the old hand style bodhran playing, which is very common and distinctive in south Sligo.The strongest musical influence on Junior has obviously been his father Andrew, who was an authority in the Sligo fiddle playing .

Andy had a life long association with local fiddlers like Joe and Sonny Duffy and Fred Finn. He is also associated with Sligo-flautists like Peter Horan, Harry McGowan and especially Seamus Tansey. Tansey used to be the local postman when Junior was a baby. Every day after having delivered the mail, Seamus and Andy played a few tunes in the kitchen, so Junior was exposed to music at a very early age.




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